Who Is Ultron Comics?

What is Ultron’s goal in the comics?

He was able to trap his enemies inside a hydrogen bomb. The original Human Torch and Wonder Man brain waves were used by Ultron to create the android Vision.

Did Tony Stark create Ultron in comics?

In the mainstream comics, Ultron was a creation of Hank Pym, but his origin within the film series has largely changed, as it is now Tony Stark who created it.

Who killed Ultron in comics?

New Avenger Ares uses a computer virus to wipe out the program from Iron Man’s armor and return him to normal. There is an image on one of the computers.

Did Ultron know Thanos was coming?

They had a few hours to think about it before Dr Strange heard about it. Theorised that a line in the movie may have revealed that the bad guy in the movie was aware of the consequences of his actions.

Who built Ultron in comics?

Hank Pym is also known as a.k.a. He didn’t know that he was the creator of the movie. One of the most troubled superhero were Pym. His power to change his size wasn’t as flashy as that of Iron Man.

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Did Ultron care about Wanda?

Lumba theorizes that he was in love with Wanda, even though he had real emotions. The theory is currently one of the most popular entries on the fan theories section of the internet.


Why does Ultron want a human body?

He wanted to fight the Avengers so he could do what he wanted. He wanted the body out of vibranium to increase his power and it was very powerful.

Why did Ultron turn evil?

They were able to make a villain for the ages, but they made him a bad one. It was an act of self-preservation that Skynet came up with. It’s about time that all of humanity is wiped out. They were looking for a bad guy from the beginning.

How was Ultron defeated in comics?

The Avenger was more sympathetic to the Vision than he was to his creator. Vision thought it would be helpful to bring the Avengers to the base. Vision was able to destroy Ultron’s body by tricking him into ramming into a wall at a high rate of speed.

How powerful is Ultron in the comics?

The Power Cosmic gives Ultron-Galactus the power to manipulate, harness, and unleash matter and energy. This version of Ultron would need to feed himself in order to destroy the world.

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