Which Encyclopedia Was Composed In Gupta Age?

The famous book, Brihat Samhita, was written by Varahamihira during the Gupta era. It was a detailed account of what happened.

What is the lexicon composed in Gupta Age?

The Gupta period saw the creation of the Panchatantra stories. The lexicon was compiled by the author. The current form of the Puranas was composed during this time. The eighteen Puranas are divided into eighteen categories.

What literature did the Gupta create?

The Gupta dynasty produced a lot of literature. The emergence of narrative histories, religious and meditative writing, and lyric poetry enriched, educated, and entertained the people. The essays were written on a wide range of subjects.

What is the Gupta Empire best known for?

The Gupta Empire spanned from north to south in India. The number is 320 and the number is 525CE. The period’s achievements in the arts, architecture, sciences, religion, and philosophy have been noted.

What was invented during the Golden Age of Gupta?

The idea of zero was invented in India during this time. The Guptas created peace and prosperity that allowed the pursuit of scientific and artistic endeavors.

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What are the sources of information about the Gupta period?

There are many source materials that can be used to reconstruct the history of the Guptas. Literature, inscriptions, coins and monuments are included. The royal genealogy of Gupta kings can be found in the writings of the Puranas.

Which was the main contribution of Gupta period of arts in India?

The Gupta period had a wonderful impact on metallurgy. The craftsmen knew how to make metal statues and pillars. There is a statue of Buddha in Sultanganj. It was seven and a half feet tall and a ton of weight, which is now in the museum.

What did the Guptas invent?

Indian mathematicians made a lot of contributions. They were the first to use math, develop the idea of zero, and explain the concept of infinite. The numbers 1 to 9 were the first to be used for counting. The mathematicians of the early Indians also created mathematical methods.

Who are the scientist of Gupta period?

Varahamihira was one of the great scientists of the Gupta Dynasty.

What were the scientific achievements of the Gupta Empire?

There are seven planets in the solar system according to Guptas’ scientists. They were able to detect eclipses of the sun and moon thanks to their invention. One of the most famous scientists in the Gupta Empire was a man named Arybhata.

What technology did the Gupta Empire have?

Gupta has been at the forefront of technology and mathematics. Gupta was the first empire to use numerals and also the first empire to use coins.

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Why Gupta age is called golden period?

The Golden Age of India was named after the Guptas’ achievements in the field of arts, science, and literature. The Guptas’ prosperity led to great accomplishments in arts and sciences.


What were the 5 achievements of the Gupta Empire?

There were many accomplishments in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, literature, logic, mathematics, astronomy, religion and philosophy during the Gupta Era. The environment of peace and prosperity provided by the Gupta Emperors allowed for this to happen.

When was abhigyan shakuntalam written?

Kalidasa is usually placed in the time interval from the 1st century BC to the 4th century BC.

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