Which Dictionary Book Is Best?

Is Oxford or Cambridge Dictionary better?

The Cambridge Dictionary gives an example of how to use the word in a sentence and gives a more practical explanation than the Oxford English Dictionary does.


What is the most official dictionary?

The most complete record of the English language has to be the Oxford English Dictionary. The OED is a historical dictionary that only defines words in terms of their current uses and meanings.

Is Oxford or Cambridge ranked higher?

The University of Oxford is in second place and Cambridge is in third place in the QS World University Ranking.

Is Oxford a good dictionary?

Oxford’s English dictionaries are considered to be the most authoritative sources of current English. Over 350,000 words and phrases can be found in this dictionary, which is regularly updated with evidence from a large research programme.

Is Cambridge Dictionary British?

There are a number of important features. All the vocabulary that students need to know at the A1–B1 levels of the English Vocabulary Profile are included in the Cambridge Essential British English Dictionary.

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