Which Comics To Read For Wandavision?

Which comics is WandaVision based on?

WandaVision is a television series based on the comic book characters.

Which Scarlet Witch comic should I read first?

The Rise of the Darkhold collection includes the X-Men Annual and several other important stories about the history of the Darkhold, so it’s a good idea to get the full collection.

Is WandaVision accurate to the comics?

WandaVision does not follow a specific comic in the series. The conglomeration of different comics’ storylines is what it is.

Does WandaVision have a comic book?

WandaVision is a television series that was created for the Disney+ streaming service and is based on a comic book.


Is WandaVision a villain in the comics?

Wanda Maximoff almost always finds her way back to the side of heroism despite the fact that she became a villain multiple times. After the events of Avengers Disassembled, she awakens from a brainwashed state and decides to stay out of the public eye.

Why did Dr Strange have a 3rd eye?

The third eye of Doctor Strange is called the Eye of Agamotto and it represents wisdom. He is able to see the true intentions of his enemies with the help of the Eye.

What happens if you read the Darkhold?

The Book of the Damned, also known as the Book of Sins, is an ancient and evil book. The most potent record of dark magic can be found in this one. It has been said that anyone who reads it will lose their mind or soul.

Why did strange get a third eye?

It is the wisdom of Agamotto and his fellow Vishanti that allows Strange to see his enemies’ true intentions. Doctor Strange’s third eye can only be used by people with no corruption in their souls.

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Who is the real villain in WandaVision?

Agnes is a contraction of the name of the classic villain from the comic books. One of the most powerful witches in the world was a woman named Harkness.

Is Agatha Harkness stronger than Wanda in the comics?

Agatha’s powers are more powerful than Wanda’s and she almost beat Wanda in their final battle in WandaVision. Agatha has a history with the Dark hold.

What did Wanda say to Scarlet Witch at the end?

It takes more than one Wanda to understand the pain that she is in and the love she has for her sons. Wanda ends her rant by saying “know that they’ll be loved.”

Who is Wanda’s husband in Earth 838?

Reed Richards is the real father of Billy and Tommy and was portrayed by John Krasinski in the movie.

Is Vision and Jarvis the same?

Tony Stark created an artificial intelligence called J.A.R.V.I.S., which he later used to control Iron Man and the rest of the team. J.A.R.V.I.S., also known as Vision, is portrayed by Bettany in the movie.

What is the dark book from WandaVision?

Is there a dark hold in WandaVision? Yes, that is correct! Agatha mentioned in the final episode that the book glimpsed in previous episodes was actually the Darkhold, a being who can cast magic without using spells.

Does Wanda read the Darkhold in the comics?

We know that Wanda has learned how to control her powers, but we don’t know how long she’s been there. She wants to prevent another Westview from happening. She is able to use her powers in ways that are better.

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Is WandaVision based before endgame?

Disney confirmed that WandaVision will take place after the movie. After the movie, Vision was kept alive by a rock that was ripped from his head.

Does Westview exist in the comics?

Westview is a fictional town in the comic books. It’s similar to Leonia, New Jersey, where Scarlet Witch and Vision lived while they were married.

Was Wanda in the Avengers in the comics?

Wanda Maximoff was a scarlet witch. Wanda Maximoff was a master of the mystical arts for both the X-Men and the Avenger. The weight is 136 lbs.

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