Which Book Sold More In Mystic Messenger?

What brand is jumin’s tie?

I have a question that I’d like to know more about. Do you know if the necktie that Jumin wears is from Verragamo? I want to know what I can say to him. The person says it is Verragamo.



Who is Lady of the bracelets?

The first Miss Lady of the Bracelet was crowned in 1959 and she was given a gold bracelet. Each holder of the title has received a bracelet.

What anime is 707 from?

One of the Deep Story characters is called Seven, and he is also known as Sae Young Choi.

Why did yoosung lose his eye?

While trying to escape with Seven, the Hacker caught him and caused him to lose an eye, as he was forced to pull thetrigger on another bomb and the one in the apartment.

Who dies in Mystic Messenger?

In the 6th episode, Saeran began to feel pain in his head and began screaming at Rika for betraying him by letting Sae Young join the party. V’s involvement was said to be the reason for his “savior’s change”. Saeran shot and killed V.

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What happens if you miss chats in Mystic Messenger?

There are more than 10 chat rooms open each day. The new chat rooms are usually open for a couple of hours. If you don’t show up for a chat session, the conversation doesn’t stop. You won’t be able to interact with the characters after reading the conversation.

What happens if you miss a day in Mystic Messenger?

The game says that you need more than 34% of participation. If you don’t show up for that day, you won’t get a good or normal ending. The next day you can load the save after you saved it.

Who is the lady mystic messenger?

Sarah Choi is a side character who is involved in the majority of Jumin Han’s route, and can be considered as one of the two bad guys in the events of his route.

Is Saeran a yandere?

RFA and Saeran are called Yanderes. The boy is a yandere, that’s what it is. You two started talking in the RFA chat and you were led to Rika’s apartment with his sweet personality and small ways of affection, but you did not know it at the time.

Is vanderwood a boy or girl?

There is a bit of a question. Because of a translation error, Seven jokingly referred to Vanderwood as Mary Vanderwood the 3rd or as Madam Vanderwood, which caused fans to mistake her for a woman. The RFA’s Secret Book refers to her as “she”, despite the fact that it is a translation error.

Who is Yoosung’s voice actor?

The character “Mystic Messenger” is voiced by a Korean voice actor.

What does Mint eye do?

Mint Eye was founded by Rika out of her radical ideas to eliminate fear and pain from the world, and the goal of the organization is to reach a state of happiness in an “ever lasting party.” The organization’s headquarters was referred to as the castle by the name of Magenta.

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Is Jaehee’s route romantic?

During the four-day time period, be sure to participate in at least 31% of the chats to make sure you get on the path. This isn’t a romantic way to get there.

Who is Saeran Mystic Messenger?

One of the main villains is Unknown, also known as Saeran Choi. He is a believer in the organization and cult Mint Eye. Before the revelation of his identity, his name is displayed as three question marks in a visual novel sequence.

Is Mystic Messenger safe?

There is a warning on the game that says it is recommended to be 16+ because certain subjects could make the player feel uncomfortable. There is a side story that shows the past of a person who deals with very serious heavy subjects.

Can you date Zen in Mystic Messenger?

Zen is the default love interest in the game and he makes his interest apparent fairly early on in the game.

How do you get 707 good ending?

There are multiple endings to the route of 707. The party can be reached with 0 to 9 RSVP emails. You can reach the party with more than 10 RSVP emails.

What is the use of hearts in Mystic Messenger?

Important progress in the game is dependent on the number of hearts.

Can I change my route in Mystic Messenger?

If you are currently in a route, you can go to the main menu and settings. You can either restart or go back to the main screen. If there is a bad ending, start over or finish the route.

Can you date 707 in casual story?

V’s and Ray’s hearts are only available in Another Story, while Jumin Han is only romanceable in Deep Story. The player won’t be able to get their route even if they get their hearts during the first few days of the game.

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How old do you have to be to play Mystic Messenger?

There is a note on the purchase of the route that warns of the game’s age limit. The app store has the game at a 17+ age rating, while the play store has it at a Teen rating.

How many endings are there in Mystic Messenger?

There are at least seven possible endings to the story of the mystic messenger saeran.

What breed is Elizabeth 3rd Mystic Messenger?

Jumin Han has a Persian cat named Elizabeth The Third. She was given to Jumin by the two people who named her.

Can I end up with Jumin Mystic Messenger?

There are multiple endings to Jumin’s route. The Jumin Normal End is when you can get to the party with 0 to 9 RSVP emails. You can reach the party with more than 10 RSVP emails.

Does jumin Han have siblings?

According to Zen, Jumin is the oldest son of Chairman Han. V said that Jumin was the only son of Mr. Han.

How many languages does 707 know?

There are seven people who claim to be proficient in seventeen languages. During the game’s development, his route was the final one to be written.

What does RFA mean Mystic Messenger?

The apartment is owned by Rika. RFA was founded by Rika to raise money by hosting parties and the main basis of Mystic Messenger.

What did echo girl do to Zen?

She went to Zen’s house after she heard that he had an ankle injury. She claimed that she had been rejected by him. She was sexually harassed by Zen when he called her to his house.

Why was Zen Cancelled?

He said that Zen was axed because there were too many male crime fighters on TV. Cohen told the Broadcasting Press Guild that he thought we had too much crime.

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