What Is The Story Of Hwarang?

Park Hyung-sik, Go A-ra, and Park Seo-joon are some of the stars of Hwarang. The turmoil of the Silla Kingdom led to the discovery of a group of young men called Hwarang.

What is the real story of Hwarang?

Hwarang, also known as Hwarang Corps, and Flowering Knights, were an elite warrior group of male youth in Silla, an ancient kingdom of the Korean Peninsula.

What happened in Hwarang?

It’s up to the king to decide if the people can live freely or not. The Hwarang will decide which king is right for their country. Ji-dwi and Sun-woo are fighting in the throne room.

Who is the king in Hwarang?

The prince’s son, Sun-woo, was chosen to be king by the royal council. Sun-woo entered the throne room, followed by the rest of the Hwarang.

Who does the king marry in Hwarang?

After that, Sookmyung was able to marry Ewha-rang. She threw away her Sacred bone rank in order to do that. Her husband became the 4th Pungwolju.


Who end up together in Hwarang?

The two of them get back together. Moo Myung comes back to Silla and briefs Jinheung. The king admits to only seeing Moo Myung when there is a problem.

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Who is the real father of dog bird in Hwarang?

Ah-Ro’s brother, Sun-Woo, and their mother were exiled by the Queen because of her love for Ah-Ro’s father. Dog Bird thought he was a peasant when he was younger, but he was actually the son of the former Crown Prince of Silla.

What does Hwarang mean in English?

There were groups of elite youths who were trained almost equally in academics and martial arts.

Why does dog bird keep fainting Hwarang?

Dog-Bird was shown to have fainted many times due to an illness that the physician knew about. The story could have been made more interesting by using this angle of illness.

Does Hwarang has happy ending?

The last day of ‘Hwarang’! The King of Silla was finally named. The two of them are happy to have each other. The two men point a sword at each other.

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