What Is Radish Fiction?

Writers can monetize their work and readers can enjoy it on the app-based platform of Radish fiction. This may be the platform for you if you are trying to make more money with your writing, or if you want to get your name out there.

How does radish fiction work?

The app brings “bingeable” stories to readers all over the world. Some stories add new episodes up to 5 times a day, making them perfect for the phone reader.

What kind of stories are on Radish?

Romance, YA/Teen, Fantasy/Sci- Fi, General, Mystery/Thriller, LGBTQ+, Late Night, and Paranormal are some of the genres included on the site.

How much does radish fiction cost?

If you want to continue reading, you have to pay anywhere from 20 to 40 cents per chapter. Those who are patient will be able to wait until those chapters are free a few weeks later.

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Do writers make money on Radish?

At least one writer can make as much as $13,000 a month because of the micropayments. Writers can make a lot of money writing for Radish. There is money to be made, according to Lee.


How much do Wattpad writers get paid?

A test run of the new program has seen some authors make more than $2,000 a month, with some earning $1,000 a month.

What is radish fiction and chat stories?

Thousands of the hottest bite-sized romance, mystery, thriller, and fantasy fiction stories can be found in the world of radishes. There is a story for everyone with Radish.

Is radish better than Wattpad?

Young adult, new adult, paranormal and sci-fi can all be found on Wattpad. It’s a better choice for romance, mystery, thrillers and fantasy.

Do radish stories end?

The stories you love can be continued. Unlike a beloved traditional book that leaves you wanting more, Radish gives you your favorites on a regular basis.

How do you unlock episodes on radishes?

If you buy a package of coins, you will be able to watch any locked episode. Coins can be earned by taking part in the coin events. Story Coupons are not for sale, but you can receive them for new stories every week by checking out the Gift Box.

Can you write stories on Radish?

If you’re interested, apply to write for us! Our team will set you up after you’re accepted. Stories can be uploaded to the app at this location.

How do I become a Radish writer?

You should send a PDF of your resume and a 2000 word prose sample to jan@radishfiction.com with your application, according to the ad. If they like your sample and background, you will be hired to write a sample chapter for their project. If they like your sample chapter, you’ll get the job.

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How many users does Radish have?

The startup is called Radish and it is a service that tells stories. The founder of the company is also the CEO. With one million active users and four million downloads, Radish was able to make KRW 23 billion in 2020.


Where is Radish app based?

The L.A.-based app was sold to a Korean company for $440 million.

Are radishes exclusive?

A work that was published elsewhere in full before it was published on Radish is not available elsewhere. Non-Exclusive is a work that has been published elsewhere in full before being published on Radish and will remain available with other publishers and platforms.

Does Wattpad cost money 2021?

You don’t have to pay to read or write on the site. I think this is a good place for writers.

Do Dreame authors get paid?

Dreame has no obligation to pay any other proceeds, benefits, interest or anything else to the author. After the full manuscript of the Work is submitted to Dreame, the basic payment will be made.

Can you read radish on computer?

The new MEmu 7 is the best choice if you want to use the free fiction and chat stories. The multi-instance manager makes it possible to open more than one account at the same time.

Are radishes worth it fiction?

If you love to write genre fiction and can do it on a schedule, and you also want to make some money doing it, you should check out Radish Fiction. It’s a great tool for people who want to write genre fiction and be successful at it.

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Where can I publish episodic fiction?

Your original novel that has already been written can be used to create an original serial fiction for our site. If your work is featured on the site, you will have the chance to improve your platform.

Are beets and radishes the same?

There are two vegetables that are not the same. beets are true root vegetables, even though they are classified as non- root vegetables. The radishes have a much more spicy flavor than the beets do.

How long are Radish episodes?

The best word count is 1500 to 2500 words. 2000 words per episode is the average for our own radishes.

How do you unlock all episodes on episode?

Waiting is the easiest way to get more passes in Episode. After four hours of waiting, you’ll get three free passes to read the next chapter. All of your passes need to be used to start to replenish.

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