What Is Fairy Tail’s Greatest Secret?

People who use the internet. Eternal Magic: Fairy Heart ( Towa Mah: Fear Hto), also known as Rmen Isutowru, is a very powerful Magic that is said to be superior.


Why does Zeref want the fairy heart?

He wants to come back to his life before his family was killed and he was cursed with immortality. He has vowed to defeat Acnologia in the past, but he still has to absorb the Fairy Heart.

What was Zeref’s true goal?

The goal of the war was to get enough power to defeat Acnologia. He took the duty of stopping the dragon on his own because he thought he was the only one who could do it.

Why did Fairy Tail disappear 7 years?

Everyone was locked in a state of stasis for 7 years because of Fairy Sphere’s activation. The guild’s faith and resilience will create miracles despite the fact that they were protected by Mavis.


Who is stronger than Natsu?

Serena was the most powerful wizard in Ishgar. God Serena is more powerful than Natsu because he was the most powerful wizard in Africa.

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What is Natsu strongest form?

Igneel gave Natsu his strongest form, Fire Dragon King Mode, which gave him magic. The strongest dark wizard in the series is able to be killed by Natsu.

Is Zeref evil or good?

The strongest and most evilmage of all time was named Zerefu Doraguniru, or Dragneel.

Does Natsu know Zeref is his brother?

In order to finally reveal the truth, Natsu was going to attack him again, but he was stopped by Zeref. Natsu is told that he is his older brother by the man who calls himself “Zehref Dragneel”.

Who kills Zeref in Fairy Tail?

The power of love is what led to the deaths of Mavis and Ze Ref. Natsu and mavis ended their immortality by using their love for each other. You can read chapter 537 of the fairy tail comic.

Who is the strongest mage in Fairy Tail?

It’s no secret that Gildarts is the strongest mage in the world. He is heavily relied on by his fellow guild members because of his unique magic.


Why does Zeref want to destroy the world?

The goal of Acnologia is to kill all humans. Since he can’t die, Acnologia is stronger than him, and he’s afraid that he’ll be a play toy for them. It is almost right. The goal of the person is to end their own life.

Is Zeref evil or good?

The strongest and most evilmage of all time was named Zerefu Doraguniru, or Dragneel.

Who is stronger Zeref or Acnologia?

He has a lot of time to perfect his Etherious. Acnologia could be taken out by millions of perfect Etherious.

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