What Happens To Loki In Comics?

He was defeated by the Avenger after his identity and role in the proceedings were revealed. The manipulation of the time stream would bring him back after he died.

Does Loki turn good in the comics?

He has made a name for himself as the Asgardian god of mischief and evil because of his ability to use magic and sorcery. He has sometimes found himself on the side of good, but this trickster always forms.

Does Loki become an Avenger in the comics?

In the guise of one of the group’s most established members, he led his own group. Dan Slott, who wrote Fantastic Four and The Superior Spider-Man, introduced comic readers to a new leader of the team Loki.

Does Loki actually die?

The trick worked for a while until it was defeated by Loki in the movie. That was the only film in the trilogy that didn’t have a death scene. He died at the hands of the villain in the movie.


Who kills Loki in Marvel Comics?

The fact that he broke his father’s rule to kill his brother emphasizes the power of the moment. He couldn’t sit by as his brother killed people, so he killed him.

Who is Loki’s daughter Marvel?

Jotunheim is the land of the giants and Hela was born there. She is the daughter of the giantess Angrboa and the son of the god of thunder.

What was Loki’s punishment for killing Balder?

Baldr was the wisest of the gods and he died as a result of Loki. As punishment, he was bound to a rock by the trail of his sons. The snake is attached to a stalactite. Sigyn protects her husband from harm with a bowl of venom.

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Is Loki a villain or hero in the comics?

There are a number of characteristics and storylines that have been borrowed from across the history of the character in the comic book. In the comics, Loki has been a villain in the MCU who has allied himself with more powerful villains to accomplish his goals.

Does Loki turn good in Norse mythology?

The main aim of the trickster god is to create chaos and he is neither good nor evil. He is still considered a member of the Aesir, a tribe of deities, even though his father was a giant.

Does Loki work for the TVA in the comics?

The TVA recruited Loki after he was arrested for causing a branch in the timelines after he escaped from prison.

Will Loki become a hero?

The Disney+ streaming service will have a series based on the 2012 version of Loki who escaped using the tesseract. There are a lot of rumors about what he will do in the series. God of Mischief will become a hero at the end of the series.

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