What Does Novel Kars Scale To?

Is novel Kars the strongest fictional character?

Novel Kars is so powerful that it’s overpowering. The strongest stands in the franchise are wielded by him. The World, Made in Heaven, D4C, and Killer Queen are some of the things that have been mentioned.

Who can defeat novel Kars?

Kars is the leader of the Pillar Men and he wants to be the ultimate lifeform and conquer the sun. He is going to do everything he can to achieve this goal. He was blasted to Mars after being defeated by Joseph Joestar.

What is Kars IQ level?

His IQ goes up to 400 in Enhanced IQ. He can distinguish a whale chant from a bat scream and his eyesight is as good as a telescope. The Ultimate Life Form is Immunity to Sunlight and Hamon.

Is light novel Kars canon?

The incarnation of J-Universe Kars that is this profile is not the same as the one in the movie. Kars is the Ultimate Lifeform, so he can have more than one Stand and quotes.

Is Kars the most powerful anime character?

Kars was missing the top five strongest characters. The Stone Mask was designed by Kars, the leader of the Pillar Men.


Is Kars the most powerful Antagonist?

Kars is a strong villain in the series. Kars became unstoppable after becoming the ultimate life form.

What is the strongest Stand in Jojo light novel?

Wonder of U is considered to be the strongest stand in the series. The Stand can function alone. Wonder of U is an extremely dangerous stand due to its many abilities. It can cause confusion by creating illusions of its own.

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Is Kars more powerful than Giorno?

No one would come out on top. It wouldn’t be able to come to an agreement. Both Kars and Giorno can’t kill each other.

Can Kars have every Stand?

If Kars were to get a stand, it would have the ability of every stand in existence, because a stand is a reflection of you, and if you are the ultimate life form, than you also.

Can Kars copy any ability?

“Kars are capable of copying their powers.” In the non-canon light novelJorge Joestar, Kars has this ability, but he is not in the canon. When he used Hamon, the closest he came was.

Is Ultimate Kars unkillable?

Kars is like the vampire he created in that he is weak to sunlight and can be used to destroy his body completely.

Does Ultimate Kars have a Stand?

The light novel “JORGE JOESTAR” features an enhanced version of Whitesnake, created by Kars.

What God is Kars?

Kars is part of a race of beings who hid from the sun and were worshiped by humans. Kars wanted his people to achieve their full potential in order to create the Stone Mask.

What is Kars ethnicity?

There is a mixed population of people in Kars. The Terekeme and Qarapapaq sub- ethnic groups make up the majority of the Azerbaijans. 20% of the city’s population is made up of the Shias.

Is Kars truly immortal?

Kars is impervious to all forms of physical and mental harm. He is more beautiful than a Greek sculpture because he is self- sustaining.

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Could Kars see a stand?

There is nothing Kars can do to destroy a Stand that he can’t see. He didn’t know why it latched onto his body and quickly began to devour it.

How powerful is Ultimate Kars?

Kars’ genes change a lot when he becomes the ultimate absolute life form. His genes are flexible and can be converted into any shape or form. He is able to manipulate parts of his body to give birth to different types of organisms.

How smart is Ultimate Kars?

What benefits would an IQ of 400 bring to Kars’s advantage?

Who is stronger Kars or Kira?

I’m pretty sure that Kars can turn into anything on the face of the earth, and is immune to the sun. Kira can turn any object into a bomb, but can take hours to travel back in time.

Is Pucci stronger than Kars?

Is it PucciMIH or ultimate Kars? Even though pucci can’t use hamon, he can still kill kars.

Was Kars weaker than Wamuu?

Wammu is the strongest normally, but ultimate kars is higher than that. There is a person named Kars. Before he became Ultimate, he was able to tank an entire battalion of UV, cut Stroheim in half, fall off a cliff and stop the tide.

Is Kars more powerful than Giorno?

No one would come out on top. It wouldn’t be able to come to an agreement. Both Kars and Giorno can’t kill each other.

Is Kars stronger than Star Platinum?

It is not possible to say yes. Kars is able to regenerate and immortality. It’s more than that, even dio. Kars can’t see stands, but star Platinum can.

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Is kars stronger than dio with the world?

Kars would be the winner. He can use the weakness of the vampire to his advantage. He has the ability to protect DIO’s stand. He can fight all the way to the end.

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