What Does Golden Age Of Comics Mean?

What does Golden Age mean in comics?

The era of American comic books was described in The Golden Age of Comic Books. Modern comic books were the first to be published.

What is Golden Age and Silver Age of comics?

The Bronze Age replaced the Silver Age after the Golden Age of Comic Books in the early to mid 1950s. There was a time when comic books were in the silver age. The start of the Silver Age was usually considered in showcase four.

When did the golden age of comic books end?

The Golden Age of Comic Books spanned from the late 1930s to the late 1940s and early 1950s.

What is the Platinum Age of comics?

The late 19th century was known as the “Platinum Age” due to the gradual introduction of the key elements of the American mass comics. The Sunday edition of newspapers contained funnies that were published to retain readers.


What is the Dark Age of comics?

The beginning of the Modern Age is believed to be the result of Watchmen. Dave Gibbons is the artist behind the cover art. The Dark Age of Comic Books is an alternative name due to the popularity of titles like Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen.

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What happens during a Golden Age?

“Golden Age” refers to a period of peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity. People didn’t have to work for the earth to get food in abundance because of peace and harmony during this age.

Why was 1930s considered as the golden age of comic books?

The Golden Age of comic books began in the 1930’s and ended in the 1960’s. While America was in war, comic books were a way for readers to live their dreams.

What defined the Silver Age of comics?

The comic books were originally available during the Silver Age. It is thought that the Silver Age began in 1956 and ended in 1975. DC Comics’ showcase number 4 is considered to be the beginning of the Silver Age by a lot of people.


What is the current age of comics called?

The current age of comic books is called the Modern Age. The time period starts in 1985 and ends in the present day. It’s the longest running comic age to date. The age of this person is 36 years old.

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