What Does Friction Produces Class 8?

Friction can generate heat between parts of machinery. The rubbing surfaces are prone to wear and tear due to Friction. The use of energy is increased by the use of friction.

What do friction produces?

Friction makes the molecule on the rubbing surface move faster and has more energy.

What is the friction for Class 8?

Friction is the force that affects the relative motion of objects. Frictional force moves in a different direction than applied force. There are two things.

What is cause of friction class 8?

Friction can be caused by the two surfaces that are in contact. The two surfaces interlock into each other and create friction, even though they are not smooth.

What are the effects of friction class 8?

There isction that causes objects to stop. Friction causes the machines to use more energy than they need. Friction can cause wear and tear on moving parts.

Does friction generate heat 8?

Friction between the hands causes them to warm up. When you rub your hands together, it causes a sensation of rubbing against each other. This causes your hands to warm up.

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Does friction produce light?

If you’ve ever seen a meteor shower, you’ll know that it produces a lot of visible light because of the atmosphere’s friction.

How is sound produced Class 8?

Something vibrates and that causes sound to be produced. The medium is vibrated by the body. We hear the sound of the waves in the air.

What is force of friction called?

The force of the object is directed in a different way than the force of the object. Because of the relative motion of the surfaces, they are referred to as kineticfriction. The surfaces at rest act with respect to one another.

What is drag Class 8 Short answer?

A drag force is the resistance force caused by a body’s movement through a fluid. A drag force moves in opposite directions.

What is the effect of friction on motion Class 8 answer?

The relative motion between two surfaces is reduced by a force known as friction. It slows down the body until it stops.

What is the result or effect of friction?

The motion’s heat is converted into heat by wearing the contact surfaces.

Why does friction create heat?

Friction can be created by two surfaces interacting. The thermal energy of the two surfaces increases when these surfaces slide against one another.

How changes are produced by friction?

When two objects are sliding on each other it starts to slow down. This is a sign that it loses energy. The energy does not go away. It can be called heat energy or moving energy.

What is the result or effect of friction?

The motion’s heat is converted into heat by wearing the contact surfaces.

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