What Comics Is Punchline In?

What comic does Punchline appear in?

The first appearance of Punchline was in Batman No. 89. Described by Tynion IV as the anti-HarleyQuinn, serious, scary and driven by a real bloodlust, Punchline immediately connected with fans, eerily similar to how HarleyQuinn did nearly 30 years ago.

Does Punchline have her own comic?

Tini Howard is the author of the new series about the character Punchline. One of DC’s shining new characters of the past few years, Punchline, will be appearing in her own comic book series in October.

Is Punchline Harley Quinn?

DC Rebirth introduces a villain called Punchline. She is the underboss and partner in crime to the Clown Prince of Crime, who she was created to be after he fell out with Harley. The character of Punchline is cold and cruel.

Is Punchline in love with Joker?

In DC’s new Punchline #1, the origin ofAlexis Kaye is shown, showing how she became so obsessed with the villain that she became his girlfriend.

Is Punchline a canon?

The official debut of Punchline is one of the new things brought to the canon by DC Comics over the past year. As fans learned more and more about the origin story of the new villain, she made a splash in her previous comic appearances.

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Is Punchline still with Joker?

The new henchwoman is called Punchline. She was introduced in Batman #89 in February 2020 as part of the DC rebirth. She is the new partner of the criminal. She calls herself Punchline but her real name isAlexis Kaye.

Who is Neo Joker?

Marian Drews was the main-antagonist of Batman: White Knight.

Who would win Harley Quinn vs punchline?

The fight was won quickly and violently by Punchline, who proved to be a serious threat to the other side. If the Joker was held back with Harley at his side, he would be the most violent he has ever been with a girlfriend.

What does Harley Quinn call Joker?

What is the name of Harley Quinn’s character? When she was still a pyschiatrist, Harley Quinn gave the nickname Mr. J to the Clown Prince of Crime. She calls him Puddin more than once.

Is punchline Joker’s girlfriend?

The line is known as a punchline. During the events of the Joker War, there was a new henchwoman and girlfriend.

Who is Joker’s first love?

The origin story features her as a former Psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum who fell in love with the Joker and became his lover.

What is Joker’s new girlfriend?

The Joker’s new girlfriend is called Punchline, and she was previously described as the polar opposite of HarleyQuinn. The character has found early success thanks to her sleek design, her relationship with DC’s biggest villain and the speculator market.

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