What Books Does Violet Harmon Read?

What book was Violet reading in American Horror Story?

After Ben and Vivien leave the hospital, they can be seen in her room, listening to music and reading a comic book. Ai Yazawa has a Manga called “NANA”.

What book is Violet reading in episode 2?

In an episode similar to the 2008 home invasion/serial killer flick The Strangers, I loved howViolet was reading a book.

Who is Violet Harmons mom?

The wife of Ben and the mother of a child are portrayed by the same person. She withdrew from Ben after he had an affair with a college student.


What is violet reading in Murder House?

Everyone is happy with the outcome. Jeff Jensen thought that Violet was reading a novel.

Who is the killer in American Horror Story season 1?

There are some things that appear. The murders of Maria and Gladys were committed by R. Franklin. Jamie Harris portrays him in the first season of “Murder House”.

Why does Constance’s daughter have no eyes?

Rose’s death may have been caused by the fact that both of her eyes had been cut open. She is also a phantom. It’s possible that Rose is the most mysterious character in the franchise.

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How old is Zoe in coven?

There is a background to this. In an instant, the life of 17-year-old, ZOE BENSON, has been turned upside-down by the revelation of her true family history.

Who get Vivian pregnant?

There is a background to this story. The former professional cellist was married to a doctor and had a child with him. She had to carry her second child for another two months after she lost her second child at seven months.

Who got Vivian pregnant AHS?

She died in Murder House after giving birth to her two sons.

Why did Taissa Farmiga leave AHS?

The success of Murder House led to Taissa Farmiga not being cast in the second season. There was no role for her according to Murphy. I don’t want her to go back in the bin because it was too dark.

What episode does Violet realize she’s dead?

The presence of ghosts and the crumbling of her own life causes her to attempt suicide in the sixth episode of the show. She died as a result of this in episode 10 of “Smoldering Children”.

Does Violet find out Tate is the father?

In this episode, one of the new siblings learns that Tate is the biological father to one of them, as well as the mother who gave birth to them.

Why did Tate shoot up the school AHS?

He shoots up his high school and sets Larry ablaze. It’s well known that cocaine can make users very violent if it’s in large quantities. Addy and Tate were both victims of abuse.

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