What Books Does Lara Jean Read In The Movie?

At the start of the third movie, a woman is shown reading a book. While riding the subway, she sees a woman reading the same book she has in her possession.

What book was Lara Jean Reading in the first movie?

The film has a lot of books in it, including Pride and Prejudice. She sees herself at a book signing for Whoa Whoa Whoa as she imagines what her life would be like if she and Peter both went to school at the same time.

What college did Lara Jean go to in the book?

After being wait-listed for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Lara Jean was accepted to the College of William & Mary, but lost her hope of going to college.

Who does Lara Jean choose in the books?

Lara Jean and Peter decided to stay together because of the uncertainty of college in different states. You probably didn’t know the beach house bits and Peter’s mom pulling an ’80s villain move, but we bet you were aware of where this was going. The photo was provided by the company.

What is Peter’s nickname for Lara Jean?

In the book and movie, Peter’s friend is referred to as “Largy”. She claims in the book that her name sounds like Largy.

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Will Jenny Han write a fourth book?

There aren’t any more books in the story at the moment. It doesn’t mean that won’t happen. Han said there was a chance of a fourth book.



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