What Books Does Hu Tao Use?

“Diligence” talent books, a Shard of a Foul Legacy, three Crown of Insight, and Nectar-themed items will be required for Hu Tao’s talents.

How many books do you need for Hu Tao?

The mansion located at the Jueyun Karst in Liyue is where the Diligence talent books can be found if players are on Adventure Rank 26. It’s a good idea to visit the Mansion on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays so players can get nine teaching books, 114 philosophy books, and 63 guide books.

Why do people hate Hu Tao?

Most people don’t like the way she talks about death because they think it’s offensive. Hutao sees death as a necessary process that will happen regardless and she speaks of it in a more open way than most people.



Is Hu Tao worth it?

Is Hu Tao worth the wait? Hutao is still one of the best characters in the game. She is at the top of the charts when it comes to pure DPoS because of her huge damage and AOE.

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Does Hu Tao ascend with CRIT DMG?

Her ascension stat is similar to ganyu, keqing, ayaka, and you probably still have to farm more artifacts to balance it.

What does Hu Tao ascend with?

Hu Tao will need to be ascended in order to get to the next level. You will need gems and items in order to get to her. She has a Pyro Vision, which means that she has a gemstone that is required for Hutao’s ascension.

Is ganyu good with Hu Tao?

During Hu Taoist downtime, you could use Hu Taoist for her big damage until she cools down. When Hu Taoist Blood Blossom takes effect, Ganyu can do some damage.

Is Deathmatch good for Hu Tao?

There is a death match going on. Death match is a really good choice for Hutao. It provides a lot of ATK depending on the number of enemies in the vicinity and its CRIT rate scales to 37% by level 90.

Is Hu Tao better than Diluc?

Hutao is more skilled than Diluc. There is no wasted talent in her. Diluc’s simple and unimaginative fire attacks don’t work very well with Hu Tao’s Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill.

Who is better DPS Xiao or Hu Tao?

It’s easier to build Xiao because it’s more consistent. His base ATK is the highest in the game. Xiao has better AoE, higher scaling on his normals and plunging, and the #1 damage per second potential in Gen Shin. It’s not clear what the best way to xiangling is.

Is Hu Tao or Childe better?

Hu tao is a better choice because she can fit in many different teams. She’s the best dps character in the game and she’s unbeatable in terms of dps. If you really need childe on your team, then go for Hutao.

What does Qiqi say about Hu Tao?

Hu Tao is too hot-blooded to be buried by her. She was dead, that’s what he wanted.

Is Hu Tao Zhongli a boss?

Since Hu Tao is Zhongli’s boss, it was assumed that they were related. The “tall boyfriend x short/petite girlfriend couple” is a common theme in films, Mangas, and light novels.

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Is Hu Tao the strongest character?

One of Genshin Impact’s strongest characters is Hutao, who has extremely high damage thresholds and excellent reactions.

Why does my Hu Tao keep dying?

Hu Tao will be stuck at low HP and on the verge of death if she does not have a healer. It is possible for a shielder to help with this problem, but only Zhongli can give a shield with 100% uptime.

Is ATK good for Hu Tao?

Her weapon can be infused with the Pyro element with a certain amount of HP sacrificed by Hu Tao. Hutao also gets an ATK boost and converts all damage to Pyro DMG. If you use Hu Tao’s Elemental Skill too much, you could end up with too little HP.

How do you get the purple books in Genshin?

You can buy up to 20 Hero’s Wit each week if you unlocked the part of the store where you can find them.

Will Hu Tao come back?

For the first time in the game’s history, players will be able to summon Hu Tao again on November 2, 2021. Hutao’s rerun will start in a few days, and players will want to be prepared.

What stat does Hu Tao scale with?

Her damage scaling is based on HP and she doesn’t care about other attack statistics. She has a cup, headpiece, and sands. You don’t need to worry about Pyro damage if you look at the damage and the rate of sub stat.

What talent books does Hu Tao need?

The “Diligence” series talent books are needed by Hu Taoist. The Teachings of “Diligence” are part of the series. The Taishan Mansion domain is where all three of them can be found.

Should I pull for Xiao or ganyu?

She can fit any of the roles with ease. Non-stop AOE Cryo damage can be offered by the Qilin as a sub-D PS. The support role has Ganyu in it. She is more flexible than Xiao, which makes her a better choice as a main player.

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Should I get Ayaka or ganyu?

Ayaka will be a part of the double Cryo character team. It’s easy to match the team with Ganyu. If you played the game for a long time, you should be able to build a bunch of enemies. It is useful in the game because of its ability to draw the monsters’ attention.

Can I use Hu Tao as a sub-DPS?

If you have a Sub-DPS of the same element, Hu Tao will work. She can be used as an additional support for Bennet in the form of a Sub-DPS. The 4th character can be used to heal. It is possible to heal Bennet as well.

Is primordial Jade spear good for Hu Tao?

P2W options are some of the best Polearm options. The Jade Winged-Spear is only available in one banner so far, but it is an excellent option for Hutao. It increases the user’s CRIT Rate by more than 20 percent and bolsters Hu Tao’s offensive capabilities.

Should I roll for Hu Tao If I have Klee?

You don’t really need Klee if you already have Hu Tao or Diluc. Klee is a great option if you don’t have a strong Pyro DPS.

Is ganyu stronger than Diluc?

She needs a specific weapon and better play in order to play better than Ganyu, who is much easier to play. Her dmg can be messed up by enemies’ behavior.

Is Hu Tao a ghost?

Hu Tao has an adorable little ghost companion that syncs up and synergizes with her core mechanics, which seem to depend on self-injury for massive damage boost. Hu Tao can heal herself through regeneration with her skills.

Is Hu Tao a DPS Reddit?

She requires a constellation or 5-star weapons to truly become a top tier player. It can be difficult for rookies who don’t have a team to support Hu Tao, she is an open book. Many people think that diluc is not as good as Hu tao.

Can Xiao be a sub DPS?

Due to the nature of Xiao’s kit, it is hard to find good sub-dps. There aren’t many options that can be used with him.

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