What Book Does Jem Read To Mrs Dubose?

After 20 minutes, Mrs Dubose realized that she was no longer paying attention to what she was reading.

What did Jem have to read to Mrs. Dubose?

The reading was a part of her successful effort to fight her addiction to morphine. Mrs. Dubose gave her maid a box that was filled with a white camellia.

Why did Jem read Mrs. Dubose?

Mrs. Dubose has a problem with drugs. She only had a few more months to live and she needed to be kept awake during her medication times.

What Does Jem have to do to apologize to Mrs. Dubose?

What can Jem do to apologize to Mrs. Dubose? She asks him to do something else. She is willing to work on her bushes on Saturdays to try and get them to grow again.

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What did Jem learn from Mrs. Dubose?

When he met Mrs. Dubose, he realized that people aren’t always what they seem, that one can’t understand someone until they have the facts, and that there are many different kinds of courage. Mrs. Dubose was willing to give up her drug use.



Why does Atticus say he would have made Jem read to Mrs. Dubose anyway how does Mrs. Dubose show true courage?

After Mrs. Dubose’s death, Atticus said this to Jem. Mrs. Dubose was addicted to painkillers and was determined to overcome her addiction before she died, but she was made to read to her as a distraction.

What do we learn about Mrs Dubose in this chapter?

Mrs. Dubose was addicted to the drug. She had fits due to the withdrawal. She wanted to stop the habit before she died.

What does Scout notice happens to Mrs Dubose as Jem is reading to her?

Dubose had a goal to overcome her opiate addiction. Each day, she was distracted from her withdrawal symptoms by the reading she received from Jem.

What does Jem do when Mrs Dubose insults Atticus?

When he cuts off the heads of the camellias, he is responding to what Mrs. Dubose had to say about him and his family. He went after her flowers because he could not attack her. The old lady is in need of a stand in.

Why did Jem destroy Mrs. Dubose’s flowers?

Did Dubose have a flower garden? Mrs. Dubose’s flower garden was destroyed by Jem because he didn’t want to hear what she had to say. As well as kicking and pulling her hair, Jem decided to destroy the flower garden by kicking and pulling her hair.

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What lesson does Atticus want Jem to learn by having him read to Mrs. Dubose?

He has the moral courage to stand up for what he believes is right despite being beaten before he starts. What lesson is he trying to teach Mrs. Dubose? There are good and bad in everyone.

What does Mrs. Dubose do before she dies?

She wants to be free from her opiate addiction before she dies. Without realizing it, he is helping her to overcome her addiction by reading to her.

Was Mrs. Dubose old?

She spent most of her time in bed and in a wheelchair. Mrs. Dubose was said to have kept a CSA pistol hidden among her shawls and wraps.

How is Mrs. Dubose described?

Dubose enlisted the help of Jem and Scout to keep her off the drugs for longer and longer periods of time, despite her vow to go clean before she died. The kids are told the lesson by their mother. Mrs. wouldn’t have been blamed even though nobody would have blamed her.

Why is Mrs. Dubose a great lady?

Dubose was able to overcome her opiate addiction and die without pain. Mrs. Dubose is not a man with a gun in his hand according to Atticus.

How did Jem feel about Mrs Dubose death?

Mrs. Dubose’s death made her son grow up a little, despite it being unfair. After Mrs. Dubose’s death, Scout describes how difficult it was to live with him, and how it had come about in just a few weeks.

What lessons does Jem learn?

In To Kill a Atticus teaches us about what it means to be a human. We both see and feel unfairness in the world. A person learns that prejudice can be very harmful.

How does Jem change throughout the novel?

How does Jem grow up in the novel? As he grows away from Scout, he prefers to be alone. Scout should start to mature and behave like a young lady, as he becomesmoody and starts to act like a man.

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How does Mrs Dubose change Jem?

The children are being taught a lesson. As a punishment for destroying her camellia bushes after she harshly criticizes her son, she refused to take her medicine for a month.

What did Jem do to Mrs Dubose’s house?

The man ran into Mrs. Dubose’s yard after taking Scout’s baton. When he was done, he bent the baton over his knee and left it amidst the leaves and flowers in the yard.

How did Jem help Mrs Dubose reach her goal?

Dubose had a goal to overcome her addiction before her death. Each day, she was distracted from her withdrawal symptoms by the reading she received from Jem. The reading time was extended when the alarm clock was set to go off.

What is the real reason Jem must read to Mrs. Dubose quizlet?

It was prescribed to her by her doctor for a long time. She was trying to break her addiction before she died. She set the alarm clock so that she could only receive the drug at that time, she was distraction from the drug, and she had constant fits because of her withdrawals.

What does Jem do when he passes by Mrs. Dubose’s house and she isn’t on the porch?

When he passes by the house of Mrs. Dubose, what does he do? Mrs. Dubose’s camellias are cut off by Jem when he breaks Scout’s baton.

What does Atticus reveal to Jem about Mrs. Dubose that takes him by surprise?

Scout thinks that Mrs. Dubose is the bravest man that ever lived. He tells his children that Mrs. Dubose was the bravest person he had known. The fact that someone like that could be brave is new to both of them.

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