What Are Legal Encyclopedias?

Legal encyclopedias can be used as a starting point in legal research. The basic law is summarized in the articles and the researcher can get citations to relevant cases, statutes and regulations. Law reviews are also cited.

What is a legal encyclopedia in law?

The Legal Encyclopedia is what it is. A legal encyclopedia is a collection of short articles about legal topics. It is similar to a general encyclopedia in that the articles are arranged in alphabetical order. Most encyclopedias have an index in their final volume.

What are 2 major legal encyclopedias?

American Jurisprudence is one of the major legal encyclopedias in the US. There are two versions of Jur., 2d and Juris Secundum, which are available on Westlaw.

How do you access a legal encyclopedia?

You can access the legal encyclopedia online by going to USC Electronic Databases. You can findLexisNexis Academic by entering it in the search box. On LexisNexis Academic, you can search by content type.


Is Britannica a legal encyclopedia?

There are additional articles, images, videos, dictionary entries and more in this encyclopedia, which is not a legal encyclopedia.

What is the legal encyclopedia for New York?

Civil and criminal law in New York is covered in New York Jurisprudence. The second edition is referred to as “NY Jur 2d.”

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Are legal encyclopedias primary authority?

The law is explained by sources. Legal dictionaries, legal encyclopedias, legal periodicals and annotations are included. The law is made up of primary sources. There are codes and cases included.

Is a legal encyclopedia a primary source?

The Law Journals, Encyclopedias, and Treatises are some of the best secondary sources for legal research. Secondary sources can help you learn about an area of law and give you citations to primary materials.

Is a law review an encyclopedia?

They contain both long articles and short essays by professors and lawyers, as well as notes and developments in the law written by students. Law review articles tend to focus on new or emerging areas of law and can offer more critical commentary than a legal encyclopedia.

How do legal encyclopedias direct researchers to primary authorities?

Legal encyclopedias provide summaries of legal topics, as well as introduction and explanation of terms of art. Primary law and relevant major law review articles are provided with citations.

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