Should I Have My Comics Graded?

Is it worth it to have your comics graded?

It is obvious that the rarity of a comic increases their value. Comic books can be very lucrative if they are graded.

How much does grading a comic increase the value?

It’s easy to see how the CGC effect has an impact on the selling price of comics. A CGC graded issue can sell for as much as three to four times more than a raw book that’s listed in the same grade.

Is a 9.8 graded comic good?

Is it possible for a comic book to be a perfect one? A scale of 1 to 10 is used to describe the condition of a book when it is graded. There have been a few graded comics that have received a perfect 10. It’s considered the gold if it’s a 9.8.

Is CGC grading good?

There is a very strong guarantee in the trading cards industry. CGC Trading Cards guarantees authenticity and grade for every card they certify. The CGC Guarantee makes buying, selling and collecting trading cards safer and easier.


Is PSA or CGC better?

The second factor is that they don’t give out perfect 10s very often because they have a much stricter grading system. The CGC 10 grade is more valuable than the PSA grade. CGC has been in the industry for 20 years and is one of the best places to get your cards graded.

What does a 7.0 grade comic look like?

There is wear on the edges of the comic and stress on the staple. There is a small mark on the ground but it is still clean and flat. There are no brown edges on pages that are slightly yellow. If you read a few times and store it away with some concern, you are above average.

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What does a 9.0 graded comic look like?

For American comics, only the smallest spine wear at the top or bottom, no cover marks, no tears, no prominent creases, and it’s hard to see. The pages can be creamy or off-white, but they don’t have a dark page edge. For Very Sharp, think of it that way.

Can you open graded comics?

Is a CGC case possible to be opened? Yes, but not without damaging the case and there for rendering the grade and any certified signatures or markings invalid.

How do I protect my comics from graded?

Store the slabs in a dark place so they don’t fade. The slabs need to be kept in a dry place. Many people who own graded comics place them in bags to protect them from being scratched. Both Mylar and polypropylene are used to make graded comic bags.

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