Should I Get My Comics Pressed?

Is it a good idea for a collector to have a comic book pressed? Comic pressing can help improve the condition of the book.

Should comic books be pressed?

The appearance of a comic book can be enhanced by removing non-color breaking defects, which can be done by pressing.

Does pressing clean a comic book?

Comic book pressing is the process of removing the dents, spine rolls and folds in your comic to make it look better and improve your comic grade. The comic book is cleaned using a process called Dry Cleaning.

Is it worth having comics graded?

If your comic looks like a 9.6 or worse, you don’t need to send it to get graded. If you want to make newer books worth your time and money, you have to get a 9.8 from CGC. Some exceptions to this rule can be found in our next tip.

How much does it cost to slab a comic?

Depending on the age and value of the comic, the fee can be as high as $120 for most books. A sliding scale of 3% of the book’s value is used for comic books with a fair market value over $3,000.


How long should you press a comic book?

Embossed covers need to be printed on paper. Gimmick books can be safely pressed under low heat (150 to 155 degrees) for 5 to 7 minutes and then left in a cold press machine.

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How much does pressing cost CGC?

If the collectible is suitable, it proceeds to Pressing. The fair market value is 1% of the US currency.

Does CGC restore comics?

CGC started to recognize a sub- category of restoration. The goal of preservation is to preserve the structural integrity of the comic while removing things that are harmful to its lifespan.

Do graded comics go up in value?

It was due to so many being thrown away. It is obvious that the rarity of a comic increases their value. Comic books can be very lucrative if they are graded. The comics in the plastic sleeves sell for a lot of money.

Does CGC increase value?

It is easy to see how the CGC affects the selling price of comics. A CGC graded issue can sell for three to four times the price of a raw book that’s listed in the same grade.

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