Is Urban Dictionary Meaning?

Is Urban Dictionary for slang?

Urban Dictionary was originally meant to be a dictionary of cultural words and phrases, not usually found in standard dictionaries, but it is now used to define any word, event, or phrase.

Is Urban Dictionary a dictionary?

The Urban Dictionary was founded in 1999 as a parody of and by a college student named AARON PEACH. The website has some definitions from 1999, but most of them are from 2003

Is Urban Dictionary appropriate?

There’s a lot of sexual, drugs, and sexism on the site. The site is not good for children under the age of 16. It should be at least 18 years of age.

Is Urban Dictionary real words?

Slang phrases that aren’t in dictionaries can be found in the Urban Dictionary. It’s not an authoritative source since it’s mostly an entertainment site.


What does the 🅿 emoji mean?

The moai emoji shows a head with long ears, nose, and a heavy brow, and it looks like it was carved out of gray stone. The moai symbol is used frequently in Japanese pop-culture posts.

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What is Gen Z slang?

A cap is not required. You’ve probably seen cap and no cap used on social media, but they were used many decades ago. To cap something means to brag, exaggerate, or lie. At least the early 1900s is when this meaning began.

Is Urban Dictionary used in court?

According to The New York Times, Urban Dictionary is frequently cited in court to help “discern meaning and intent in the modern lexicon.” The site has been there for a long time.

Who runs Urban Dictionary?

No one was more surprised by Urban Dictionary’s move into the legal arena than its founder, who has continued to run it like a home grown business.

What was the first word on Urban Dictionary?

The main story should be read again. Urban Dictionary was started by Peckham when he was a freshman. The site used to define the man as the head of the establishment that would bring us down.

Why was Urban Dictionary banned?

The harbor was turned into a hate speech area. Peckham allowed anyone to post definitions and users could vote on their favorites. Some of the most popular definitions on the site are based on racism, homophobia, and sexism.

What does P mean?

The video can be viewed via the video sharing website. By the time you’ve picked it up, P is a term of positive thinking. It means you are acting in an acceptable way if you push P. According to The Breakfast Club, it started as a substitution for the word player, but is still flexible.

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What is a hot girl walk Urban Dictionary?

A Hot Girl Walk is a four-mile walk where all you think about is how hot you are, things you’re grateful for, and all of your goals.

Does Urban Dictionary share your IP?

The information we collect and share is anonymous and not personally identifiable with the use of cookies and web beacon technology. Your name, address, telephone number, and email address are not contained in it.

What is basic Urban Dictionary?

You are not very advanced. Basic is any person, place, or activity that involves obscenely obvious behavior, dress, and action. It was not sophisticated. There is a transparent and shallow nature to it. To a lot of girls, I’m basic. I shop in the store.


Is there a slang dictionary?

Slang definitions are included in’s dictionary, as well as everything you need to know about British and American slang. You can learn how to use the new words you’ve heard or read.

What is the word slang short for?

There are all manner of false word origins that get tossed around the web, but one of the more common ones is that’slang’ is short for’shortened language’, and while it’s believable, there’s no historical record to indicate that this was ever true.

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