Is U Dictionary Safe?

U-Dictionary is a lightweight app that is suitable for all smartphone users, however, those who prefer to learn on a PC at the comfort of their home can now browse it on the web. It is safe to open the website at Work because the pictures and articles are moderated.

Is U-Dictionary app banned?

There is a Chinese app called U-Dictionary that is banned in India. The IT service got a lot of protests about the abuse of these applications and the way in which they were used to communicate with workers outside India.

Are U-Dictionary free?

There are over 200,000 words and definitions in the Dictionary.

What is use U-Dictionary?

U-Dictionary is a good dictionary application. The camera can be used to translate. This application is able to be used without internet.


Why remove China app is deleted?

Remove China Apps was found to be in violation of the Deceptive Behavior rules. The rules of the Play store state that no app can encourage users to remove a third-party app.

Which dictionary is best for ielts?

All the vocabulary students need to succeed in the exam can be found in the Collins COBUILD Dictionary.

What is the best free online dictionary?

Since it has one of the most comprehensive online word directories, the search engine’s dictionary is one of the most famous. It supports a number of languages. There are also antonyms and use case examples.

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Is U-Dictionary available on PC?

You can use U-Dictionary: Oxford Dictionary Free Now Translate on your computer if you choose the brand new MEmu 8. The multi-instance manager makes it possible to open more than one account.

Which app is similar to U-Dictionary?

One of the best alternatives is to use the free translation service. The U-Dictionary is one of the great apps.

What does U in dictionary stand for?

It is a variable word. The English alphabet has a letter called U. There are two things. It’s an abbreviation for words that begin with ‘u’, such as ‘unit’, or ‘University’.

Did duolingo get rid of the dictionary?

Why did they scrap the dictionary? When you look up words that are taught in the courses, you can find all the sentences that appear in the lessons. It is more difficult to find sentences in their courses now that the dictionary and forums have been taken away.

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