How To Urban Dictionary Your Name?

The Urban Dictionary name trend is self explanatory, as long as you type your first name into the dictionary and share the definition of your name on social media. The trend began when a user asked everyone to show their name in an urban dictionary using a new sticker on their stories.

Who writes the names on Urban Dictionary?

They are submitted by anyone and are often edited by volunteers, so there can be some bad language.

Why is everyone looking up their name on Urban Dictionary?

The Urban dictionary name trend began when a user posted a prompt to show their name in the dictionary. This was the start of the trend when people started posting their name definitions on their social media accounts.


How do you make an entry on Urban Dictionary?

The plus icon can be found in the top right corner of the website. The definition submission form can be found here. If you want to define a word or phrase, enter it in the “Word” field.

How accurate is Urban Dictionary?

Slang phrases that aren’t in dictionaries can be found in the Urban Dictionary. It’s not an authoritative source since it’s mostly an entertainment site. If you can find another source for questions that aren’t related to slang or obscure phrases, it would be a good idea.

What can I say instead of what’s my name?

Is it possible for me to have your name? Adding please, excuse me, and other things will make it nicer.


How do you search names on Instagram Urban Dictionary?

Pick out the words ‘Urban Dictionary’ with your name next to them. The ‘Lucy Urban Dictionary’ is an example. If you click on the first result, you will see a definition of your name. You can save the photo to your camera roll by clicking on the page.

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Are Urban Dictionary submissions anonymous?

The information we collect and share is anonymous and not personally identifiable with the use of cookies and web beacon technology.

What was the first word on Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary was started by Peckham when he was a freshman. The site used to define the man as the head of the establishment that would bring us down.

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