How To Post Comics?

Where is the best place to post comics?

The two most popular options are ComicPress and Toocheke. Both of them give you the ability to publish setup your webcomic site fairly quickly, and can be easily tailored by someone with little or no experience with web design. Both of them have features like a comic archive and comic navigation links.

Do Webtoon artists get paid?

Webtoon Artist can make as much as 2000 a month if they post their comics on LINE Webtoon or as much as $100 a month if they post on Canva. The featured LINE Webtoon artist’s base pay was $2,000 a month according to an interview with Jun Koo Kim. The creators of the show can make 50% of the money from the ads.


Is it hard to get a comic published?

The process of making a comic book is very easy. Comic books are more popular than ever due to the success of the movie franchise. A lot of hard work goes into creating these pieces, but making comics is a real passion for some authors.

How much money do Webtoon creators make?

The top-earning creators are the ones that companies brag about. According to Naver, the top webtoonists make over 10 billion won a year. The highest-earning webtoonist made over 12 billion won in one year.

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Should I put my comic on Webtoon?

There is a large fan-base of comic readers that are already coming to read comic books at WEBTOON. If you can catch their eyes, you can gain subscribers and fans of your comic more easily than if you host it on your personal site.

How do you get paid for webcomics?

Once a comic artist has a large following, they can make a lot of money by using a service called Ad Sense, which will sponsor ads on your website and you will get paid per click for anyone who clicks on an ad.

How can I publish a comic book for free?

You can choose to release your comic book in print and digital formats through Comixology, a popular platform that accepts submissions from comics creators, or Webtoon, which allows comics creators to publish for free on their platform, with the option to monetize their work.

Can you self publish comics?

With the help of dedicated and experienced comics printers, self-publishing comics can be done easily. There are benefits to self-publishing such as faster publishing times, complete creative control, and a bigger return on your project.

How much does it cost to publish a book?

What is the cost to publish a book in the US? Publishing a book in the US can cost between $500 and $5,000. The cost of hiring an editor, book designer, and marketing is a large part of it. The average cost for a self-published book is $2,000.

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