How To Build A Fire Reading Questions?


Why does London point the dog from instinct?

According to London, the dog acts on instinct to support the idea that the dog is better suited to the cold weather than the man is. He realized that the old-timer was correct about how cold it was. The decline of the man’s arrogance can be seen in the realizations.

Do you agree or disagree with the man when he sends the dog ahead of himself to aid in his own safety what would you do?

What are you going to do? I don’t agree with the man who sent the dog on the path because he was putting the dog in danger. If you wanted to go back, the man would get back to camp in the same way he got back to camp if you were there.

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What is the setting of the story To Build a Fire?

The story takes place in the Canadian province of the same name. The gold was discovered in the Whitehorse area. Many died in the harsh conditions because they didn’t get rich.



What is the main idea of To Build a Fire?

Jack London’s short story “To build a fire” is about a conflict between man and nature.

How does the dog know not to trust the man in To Build a Fire?

London wants to know why the man didn’t trust the dog. The dog is able to survive because of his instincts. It knows that the man won’t survive in the conditions and that he needs to respect nature if he is going to survive.

What type of conflict is described in this excerpt To Build a Fire?

There are four broad categories for conflict in stories: man versus man, man versus nature, man versus society and man versus self. The conflict in ”To build a fire” is man versus nature because the main character has to battle the harsh conditions of the Yukon in order to survive.

What happens to the man at the end of the story in To Build a Fire?

He dies at the end of the story due to his arrogance. The man’s demise is due to his humanity and lack of knowledge, as shown by London in this story. The man doesn’t pay attention to the fact that the dog follows its instincts and survives.

What does the dog’s instincts tell it about the cold?

The dog was aware of the danger of travelling in the cold. It is instinct that tells a truer tale than the man tells it. Instinct is more important than intelligence in this instance.

What happens when the man stops to eat?

The man stops for lunch because he thinks he is having a good time. He gets his food and his hands are cold quickly. The man is scared because it is so cold, but he builds a fire and warms up. The dog is happy to be alive.

What happens to the man’s fire and why to build a fire?

He fell through the ice and had to build a fire to warm up. The man died after his fire failed and he froze to death. His dog deserts him when he’s dead so he can go to the mining camp.

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Why does the author repeatedly point to the numbness of the man’s hands?

He does not feel the cold in his hands because of his nerves. The cold made his hand numb. It shows that the situation is getting worse for the man. It gives more realism to the story because of the mans condition.

How does the dog’s attitude to the cold differ from that of the man’s?

The dog follows its instincts to sense both natural pitfalls and the danger of man’s desire to kill it, unlike the man who ignores the dangers of his environment. The dog stayed away from the man after he fell through the ice.

What is the moral of the story To Build a Fire?

The moral lesson is that the wisdom of more experienced people should be taken into account.

How did the first fire go out in the story To Build a Fire?

Jack London wrote a short story about a man who builds fires on his journey through the territory. The naive young man builds a fire after he can’t eat his lunch because he can’t move his lips. The ice on his face is melted by the fire and he can eat his lunch.

What are the symbols in To Build a Fire?

It is an act of technical skill and technology to build a fire, and fire in literature is often used as a symbol of knowledge. The building of a fire symbolizes life in the story, as well as life through human knowledge, skill, and technology.

How would you describe the tone of the narrator in To Build a Fire?

The tone of the narrator’s voice is candid and unemotional. The narrator does not have a lot of emotion in his narration.

Why is the man’s beard colored amber in To Build a Fire?

London says that the man is quick and alert. There is a man with a beard. His tobacco has gotten in. What do you think the man would have done if he had brought his cheeks?

Is To Build a Fire a true story?

‘To build a fire’ isn’t a real story. It’s a story about the dangers of pride. Jack London is showing his readers.

What does the narrator do to save himself after he realizes that he Cannot start a fire?

The narrator tried to fire Bartleby before, but how does he get rid of himself? His office is being moved to a different building.

What technique does the author use to characterize the man To Build a Fire?

Point of view is a technique used to show the reader who is telling the story. Jack London uses a third-person point of view to tell the story of a naive young man who goes into the wilderness when the temperature drops to 50 degrees below zero.

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Why do you think the author chose this setting To Build a Fire?

The setting is important in Jack London’s To build a fire in “To build a fire”. His readers will be prepared for a depressed and frightening tone if they are introduced to the setting.

How does the man attempt to solve his problem To Build a Fire?

After walking for a while longer, the man breaks through the ice himself and has to stop and build a fire in order to dry his boots and warm his feet.

What does the dog symbolize in To Build a Fire?

The dog is similar to the man in the short story. He is a representation of nature’s natural instincts for survival.

What does the dog smell at the end of To Build a Fire?

When the dog smells death as he approaches the man’s body, he abandons the body to find others in the camp. The relationship between the dog and the man is not emotional. The dog does not care for the man.

What did the dog know but the man didnt?

The dog doesn’t know how temperature is measured, but it knows that the weather is too cold for travel, and it’s worried. The dog was either going to burrow down into the snow and wait for it to warm up, or it was going to want fire.

What does the man do after his plan with the dog fails?

What will the man do with his dog after a fire? He can warm his hands by killing it. Why does the dog back away from the man when he’s trying to do something? The man has a fear in his voice.

What did the dog do while the man had his lunch?

He ate his lunch while sitting on a snow covered log. He had a good time enjoying the warm fire. He walked on the frozen stream again after standing up. It happened within an hour.

What happens when it was fifty below zero in To Build a Fire?

Eighty degrees of frost is what it means when the temperature is 50 degrees below zero. He was impressed by the fact that he was cold and uneasy. mittens, ear-flaps, warm moccasins, and thick socks were used to protect against the frost that hurt when the temperature was 50 degrees below zero.

Why does the tremendous cold make no impression on the man?

The man doesn’t seem to like the cold. The man doesn’t have a clue about the significance of the cold or about the consequences of traveling in it.

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