How To Book Rise Of The Resistance?

You have to use the My Disney Experience app to make a reservation for Rise of the Resistance. If you are inside the Hollywood Studios park, boarding groups for the ride can be found at 1 p.m. every day.

How do I get reservations for Rise of the Resistance?

You need to reserve a park pass for Hollywood Studios on the same day if you want to get a park Hopper ticket. There was only one way to get to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney World. You will be assigned a Boarding Group number once you join.

Does Rise of the Resistance need reservations?

Guests can now access Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance without joining a queue. Guests can either purchase an individual entry or wait in a traditional queue for the attraction to open.

Is there a waitlist for Rise of the Resistance?

If you arrive late, you should consider hopping to the park while waiting for your return time. The line for every other attraction has become a waiting room for Rise of the Resistance, as this virtual queue will inflate wait times around DHS.

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Will Rise of the Resistance make me sick?

The majority of the ride takes place in a trackless ride vehicle. The ride is very smooth despite the fact that it does take a few turns. There is a low chance of motion sickness on this ride.

Does Rise of the Resistance have drops?

Is the Rise of the Resistance going to stay the same? There is a small drop at the end of the attraction, but it is not very high. You don’t know it’s happening until it’s already over.



How quickly does Rise of the Resistance fill up?

Groups are usually filled within 30 seconds to 1 minute of the opening of the virtual queue in the afternoon. The regular boarding passes for Rise of the Resistance guarantee you a spot on the day.

How many groups get into Rise of the Resistance?

The Rise of the Resistance has called for a record number of boarding groups at Disneyland. Yesterday was the most efficient day so far for any version of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Is Rise of the Resistance claustrophobic?

The claustrophobic rooms add an unnerving aspect to the experience, but the Resistance is able to break everyone out by cutting through the walls. The effect used in this moment blends practical and projection effects and turns what could have been a routine preshow portion into a true wow moment.

Does the Millennium Falcon ride make you sick?

Guests can act as either pilots, gunners, or engineers in Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, an interactive simulation where they can act as either pilots, gunners, or engineers. The majority of guests don’t have motion sickness issues with Millennium Falcon.

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Is Smugglers run scary?

There are moments of intense action on the Millennium Falcon ride that are very stimulating.

Does Rise of the Resistance have child swap?

Rider switch can be found. When you check in with your boarding group, tell the cast member that you want to use Rider Switch and they will put it on your Magic Band ticket. This is where you can read about Rider Switch.

Can you ride Rise of the Resistance without a boarding pass?

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a ride called Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Beginning September 23rd, you will be able to ride Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios without a boarding group.

Does Rise of the Resistance go upside down?

Rise of the Resistance uses multiple ride systems in order to make it an experience. Guests are lifted up and down on a trackless vehicle as they ride two simulations. There is a small drop towards the end, but it is very quick.

Can you do Rise of the Resistance twice in one day?

Is it possible to get more than one Virtual Boarding Pass? Guests are restricted to one Virtual Boarding Pass for Rise of the Resistance per day at this time, even though this was possible during the first few days of operation.

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