How To Book Excursions On Royal Caribbean?


How far in advance can I book excursions on Royal Caribbean?

Pre-booking for shore excursions can be done until 4 days before your cruise ship departure. You have to wait until you board before booking your tours.

What is the best way to book cruise excursions?

You can book shore excursions directly from the cruise line. The cruise line will bill you directly for your room at your hotel. Most of the new ships allow you to book directly on your TV, it’s not difficult at all.

Is Royal Caribbean allowing excursions?

No tours or planned activities are required for guests who wish to go to Perfect Day at CocoCay or Labadee. In many ports of call, fully-vaccinated parties are free to visit or book shore excursions.

Can I book my own excursions on a cruise?

Independent-minded people who want the ease of being transported without concern about missing the ship can book cruise line provided transportation with freedom to explore as they please. There are a variety of city tours and activities for travelers to choose from.

Can you get off a cruise ship without an excursion 2021?

Nope, that is not true. It’s up to you, the choice is completely yours. You can explore the cruise port on your own, stay onboard, book a spa treatment, or take advantage of other activities on your ship during the day.

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Can you buy shore excursions on the ship?

Your ship’s excursions desk can be used to book the tours before you leave. There are many benefits to booking a tour on a ship. It’s not uncommon for shore excursions to translate into long bus rides with drop-offs at shopping centers offering souvenirs you can’t live without.



Is it cheaper to book excursions on the ship?

Since there is no “middle man” taking a cut of the cost, booking an excursion or tour guide is usually cheaper than a cruise line. Renting a car, hopping on a bus, or simply walking around on your own are all ways to skip a tour.

Are excursions cheaper at port?

It is not as expensive. Taxis and mini-buses can be found in the port area. A lot of the drivers have boards and pamphlets. They know what they’re doing so they mimic cruise tours to get you back on time.

Can you get off a cruise ship without an excursion 2022?

Passengers will not be allowed to leave the ship unless they join an excursion. Cruise passengers can choose between a ship-run excursion or a trip that is run by a local provider.

Can cruise ship passengers go ashore?

Rules can change from day to day, so it’s possible that the situation will change after your cruise is over. There are only a few destinations in the Caribbean that allow guests to disembark on a bubble tour.

Can you get off a cruise ship without an excursion carnival?

I don’t know if I need to book a shore excursion through Carnival or not. You don’t have to book shore excursions through Carnival if you want to leave the ship. There are public transportation options at the ports.

How can excursions be pre booked?

You can either book ahead of time on the lines’ website or by phone, or onboard the ship at the shore excursions desk. Cruises do not leave guests behind when they are on an excursion.

What is a bubble shore excursion?

The group you’re traveling with consists of only your friends and family, which is why they’re called small group tours. This type of trip has always been an option, but now it’s more important than ever.

How long does it take to get off a cruise ship for excursions?

Customs must be cleared before the passengers can leave the ship. Within 15 to 30 minutes of the scheduled arrival time, you should be able to disembark from the ship.

How long before cruise Can you board?

Cruise ships usually start boarding around four hours before the departure time. If you want to arrive at that time, go ahead and do it! You can either hop on the train and grab lunch or start your vacation in a lounge chair by the pool.

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Can you have fun on a cruise without excursions?

You don’t have to book excursions through the cruise line, and you don’t have to book excursions at all. You can often find excursions to do on your own, which will save you money. It can be intimidating if you don’t know anything about it.

Are excursions included on Hurtigruten?

There is one excursion for the voyages. Airport transfers to and from the ship can be done in Bergen, Trondheim and Kirkenes.

Are Royal Caribbean excursions safe?

Royal Caribbean stands behind the excursions they offer, which means they have certified the tour operator to provide the proper equipment, perform the tour in a safe environment, and provide an authentic experience.

Should you bring your passport on shore excursions?

Is it a good idea to take your passport on shore excursions? Unless you need it for your tour, you should not bring your passport. You can bring your driver’s license as an ID. You do not want to lose your passport on the beach.

Can you use onboard credit for excursions?

A gift card of sorts for a specific cruise – money that you can use on your cruise for any number of things, including beverages, shore excursions, retail purchases, and more, is what onboard credit is.

What makes a good shore excursion?

It is easy to get along with them. They should be interested in helping the group get to know one another. He should take you to the best place to eat, drink, sleep and shop after the tour if he recommends it.

What are the categories of shore excursions?

Here are five shore excursions that are popular with cruise passengers.

How much money should you save to go on a cruise?

What amount of cash should I take on a cruise? A rule of thumb is to have $50 to $100 in the local currency each day. It is possible to bring an additional $20 a day for tipping crew members. Smaller bills should be included for tips.

Do you have to pay cruise gratuities?

If you have a complaint about the service you received on the cruise ship, you can’t be forced to pay gratuities. There is no mandatory gratuity on a cruise.

Do you need injections for a Caribbean cruise?

Yes, that is correct. The Caribbean has many ports of call that require vaccinations. There are main injections for a Caribbean cruise that are advisory. If you’ve been to risk areas, you may need to get a yellow fever certification.

Can you get on and off a cruise ship in the Caribbean?

Passengers will not be allowed to disembark from the cruise ship at a different port. Royal Caribbean will not allow you to disembark from the ship at a different port of call.

What happens if you go on a cruise without a passport?

You can sail to a variety of dreamy destinations without a passport on closed loop cruises. For closed-loop cruises, U.S. citizens will need a birth certificate or citizenship certificate.

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Should I go on a cruise in 2021?

The travel warning for cruise ships has been increased by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The risk of catching Covid on a cruise ship is very high regardless of vaccine status, according to the CDC.

Is Royal Caribbean limiting capacity?

The sailings have been removed from Royal Caribbean’s website as they have done with other cruises earlier in the year. The line’s protocols include vaccination requirements, mask-wearing and testing, as well as the limits of capacity.

Can you leave the ship on a cruise?

The process of disembarking from a cruise ship is very different from checking out of a hotel. Financial matters need to be settled on the last evening or first morning of the following day.

Why are cruise ships escorted out of port?

The U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan are some of the places where ships are escorted. The risk of pollution in port areas and port approaches can be reduced by groundings or collision caused by technical or human failures on a tanker.

Are excursions refundable?

Excursions can be canceled or modified depending on the number of people in them. There is a minimum number of guests required for some excursions. If the minimum is not met, excursions will be canceled and refunds will be given.

What’s the best deck to be on a cruise ship?

The lowest passenger deck is the best one for avoiding seasickness. The top of the ship sways from one side to the other. You can avoid motion sickness by choosing a cabin close to the water line.

How far in advance can you book Royal Caribbean excursions?

Pre-booking for shore excursions can be done until 4 days before your cruise ship departure. You have to wait until you board before booking your tours.

Are cruise excursions refundable?

You’ll get a full refund if you cancel your cruise with pre- booked shore excursions. If the tour is canceled, you’ll get a refund on your credit card.

Can you tour a cruise ship in port?

Is it possible for my ship to offer sightseeing tours in the ports we visit? Yes, that is correct. You can experience local history, culture and cuisine, as well as activities such as snorkeling, zip-lining and shopping, if you take a shore excursion on a cruise ship.

Can you take food to your room on a cruise?

Is it possible to bring food back to your room on a cruise ship? Yes, you are able. There is a buffet where you can bring whatever you want. You can call the room service at any time of the day or night.

How do you get free Royal Caribbean?

If you use the Royal Caribbean credit card, you can earn free cruises. If you accumulate enough points on your credit card, you can redeem them for a free cruise. Cruises are one of the ways in which credit cards can redeem points for travel.

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