How To Book Emergency Us Visa Appointment?

To request an emergency appointment, the first thing you need to do is make a visa appointment. You have to pay the consular fee, schedule an interview appointment, and submit the DS-160 visa application online.

How do I get an emergency appointment at the US embassy?

An emergency appointment can only be scheduled after you schedule a regular appointment. Clicking on the “Emergency Appointment” request button on the left hand menu bar will allow you to request an expedited appointment.

What qualifies for emergency US visa appointment?

If there is a death of an immediate family member in the US, someone may be able to get an appointment quickly. The person applying for a visa can accompany the body to the funeral or return to their home country.

Can I apply for emergency visa to us?

You can request an emergency appointment if you have an urgent medical or humanitarian need to travel and you can’t get an appointment that will accommodate it.


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