How To Access Encyclopedia Bannerlord?

The easiest way to open the Encyclopedia in Bannerlord on PC is to press the “N” key.

How do I access my workshop in Bannerlord?

If you want to see location markers, go to the workshop and hold down the Alt to see them. Smithy, Pottery Shop, and Brewery are markers that you should look for. Once you get to one of these locations, you should be able to find a’shop worker’.

How do you activate workshop mods?

If you want to apply a mod, you need to tick a little box on the left side of the mod name. If a mod isn’t ready for use yet, click Apply to unpack it and make it ready for use. The list shows what mod you are currently using.

Can you execute every lord in Bannerlord?

If you are able to kill every lord in Bannerlord, the game will either crash or you will be able to conquer the map. Bannerlord doesn’t know who to give the territory to if you don’t have a kingdom of your own, which will cause your game to crash if everyone dies.

What are castles good for in Bannerlord?

castles are easier to defend during sieges than towns are, in that you will have more actions you can take inside.

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Where can I find the best companion in Bannerlord?

When looking for companions, players should look for the name suffixes. There are taverns in towns and cities where players can find their friends. Potential companions’ icons can be found on theUI.

How do I access weapons workshop?

It’s as easy to get to your workshop as it is to get into your business or vehicle that has a Weapons Workshop. Weapon Workshops can be added to certain businesses for a fee of around $245,000, which makes it much easier to upgrade.

Where are the workshop mods?

You can download the Workshop mod from this location: C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamapps workshopcontent253250.

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