How Tall Is Draco Malfoy In The Books?

The tallest man in the Harry Potter books is 5 feet 9 inches tall. This is the height of Felton, the actor who will forever be associated with the role.

How is Draco Malfoy described in the books?

According to the books, Draco has blonde hair and grey eyes. It makes sense that he would look like this, since there are many parallels between him and his army and the leaders of the war.

How tall is Draco Malfoy cm?

If Harry is a little shorter than Draco, he would be 174 cm, which is about 5’9.



How tall is Hermione in the books?

Either 5′5 or 5′6 is what she is known as. She was average height for a girl because her height wasn’t described.

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Is Draco attractive in the books?

He had blond hair and pale skin. He was once described as a ‘rat faced’ by Harry. That’s not true. He was not attractive in the book.

How tall is Hermione in CM?

There is a person who has a height of 5′ 5″. The young witch is very good at what she does.

How tall is Cho Chang?

Cho Chang’s height is 5’5″ ( 1.7 m). A member of the Ravenclaw house, Cho Chang is a student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She’s pretty and intelligent.

How tall was Sirius Black?

He can transform into a dog at any time. Gary Oldman portrays the character of Sirius Black, who is 5’9″. The wizard is named Sirius Black.

How tall is Fleur Delacour?

Her height is 5’7″ (1.70 m) and she is portrayed by Clémence Poésy. A witch by the name of Fleur Delacour, she is a champion in the Triwizard Tournament.

How tall is Molly Weasley in the books?

Molly Weasley’s height is 5’3” and she is portrayed by Julie Walters. The Weasley family has a matriarch named Molly Weasley. She is the mother to many people. Ron is Harry’s best friend and he introduced her to the series.

What kind of girl does Draco Malfoy like?

It was in a family that only pure-blood families were considered as humans and the rest were filthy. He preferred girls of pure blood families, like Pansy, but he thought they were gullible and smarter than them.

What type of girl would Draco Malfoy like?

A girl who knows how to hold her head high would be a good choice. The Slytherin house is where she would most likely be when she met him.

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What height is Luna?

The patronus of Luna is a hare. Evanna Lynch portrays Luna Lovegood who has a height of 1.57m. There is a student named Luna Lovegood at the school. She has a weird look in her eyes and is known for her eccentricities.

How tall is Lucius?

He has long blond hair, a smart appearance, and a wooden cane that hides his wand. Malfoy’s height is 5’11” and he is portrayed by a man. The husband of a woman is the father of that woman’s child.

How tall is Ron PoA?

The height of the characters is 5’4 ( 163 cm). At the end of PoA, Wormtail was described as a short man, barely taller than her, and she would have been 14 years old. Ron is 6 feet 4 inches.

How tall is Snape in the books?

His height is not mentioned in the books. We think he is between 5′10′′ and 6′1′′.

How tall is Remus Lupin cm?

He later got married to the Auror. David Thewlis is portraying the character of Remus Lupin. During Harry’s third year at Hogwarts, he discovers that the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is himself a criminal.

How tall is Lily Evans?

She is the daughter of Evans and Petunia. At the age of eleven, she received a letter to attend the school for witches and wizards. She went to Hogwarts in the 70s and 80s.

Who is taller Remus or Sirius?

It’s cannon that Peter was the shortest out of them, so he’d be around 5′7, which is why I like the idea that Remus was the tallest out of them. James was either 6 or 1 feet tall.

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Do Hermione and Ron get divorced?

There is a particular time in the history of Ron and Hermione where they never married. The only problem with that scenario is that Ron was married to someone else.

Who was Draco’s first kiss?

Harry blushed and patted him on the head. The man was given a smirk by the man. “Good night.” He kissed Harry on the lips.

Who is taller Jason or Michael Myers?

Over the years, movie maniacs have grown more and more like the ones pictured. Michael is taller than most masked maniacs. The newest actor is 6 feet 3 inches taller than Nick Castle, who is 5 feet 10 inches.

Who’s bigger Jason or Michael Myers?

There is an arena where the two giants come closest to each other. Both are large and powerful beasts. According to the, there are two people who are 6’7′′ and 5’5′′.

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