How Tall Is Comic Book Hulk?

When Bruce Banner is transformed into the Hulk, he stands between 7 and 8 ft (2.13 to 2.43m) tall and weighs between 1,040 and 1,400 lbs.

How tall is Hulk in real life?

Between 7′-8′ (2.13 to 2.44 m) and 8’2” ( 2.5 m) are the dimensions of The Hulk in the comic books. What do you think are the powers of the Hulk?

How tall is the tallest Hulk?

At one point, the Hulk reached a height of 8 feet (243 cm) as the years went on. The tallest version of the character was 10 feet tall, almost as tall as the Sasquatch, while the smallest version was 8 feet tall.

How big is the 2008 Hulk?

In 2008’s Incredible Hulk with EdNorton as the eponymous character, the frame was slightly smaller than that of Lee’s version, standing at 9 ft tall and never deviating from that set height.



Does Hulk get bigger?

It’s only when he reaches a certain level of rage that his strength increases. It is possible that the Hulk’s mass increases in size to accommodate his increased strength. The Hulk’s strength is more important than his size.

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How tall is the 2003 Hulk?

He is taller the second time, representing the medium-sized teen superhero. He grows to 15 feet (4 m) tall the third and fourth times, as the adult Hulk who is in control.

Is Hulk better 2003 or 2008?

There was a movie in 2003 that was directed by Lee. The 2003 movie was too dark for a large group of people. The 2008 version is weaker than the 2003 version. The 2008 movie is better than the previous one.

How tall is cull Obsidian?

In the film, the Black Dwarf is a lot taller than he is in the comic books, so websites are saying that he is similar to the Incredibles.

Who is bigger Hulk or Abomination?

In The Incredible Hulk, abomination was shown as larger than the man. It is assumed that if Abomination comes up, it will be because of his superior power and experience fighting the villain. In the comic books, Abomination was felled by RedHundred.

Who is the tallest supervillain?

You have to go to Batman’s world in the DC Comics universe to find out what the tallest human supervillain is. One of the tallest human supervillains is Batman’s foe, Bane, who is 6’8” (2.03 m).

What is Ultron’s height?

The dimensions of the character are 7’7” (2.31 m). The comic book has a height of over 6 feet. In the movies, Ultron is a fictional character who is a nemesis of the Avengers.

Who is the tallest Marvel character?

Dave Bautista is the tallest Avenger with a height of six feet and six inches, and he is the funniest one.

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How much bigger is Hulk than Bruce Banner?

His comic book counterpart’s height is seven feet, so he won’t grow over nine feet. In The Avenger Banner is around 69 inches tall while the Incredibles are around 96 inches tall. He will grow to be roughly 1.5 times his normal height.

Can the Hulk age?

The Hulk does age, but he does so slowly because of his regenerating factor. The Hulk’s physical appearance is the same as it has been for decades.

Is Red Hulk stronger than Hulk?

The strength, resilience, and endurance of the Red Hulk is similar to the strength, resilience, and endurance of the Hulk. He doesn’t become stronger, but emits more heat when he becomes an angrer.

Does Hulk get bigger when he’s angry?

This is the first thing. It is said that the stronger the angrier, the more power he becomes. In comics, he used to get bigger and stronger when he was attacked.

What is Tom Holland real height?

The Spider-Man actor, who is 173 cm tall, is in a relationship with his co-star, who is 179 cm tall.

What is the height of Iron Man?

Iron Man’s height is 6’1” (1.85 m) in the comic books and 6’6” (1.98 m) in the movie.

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