How Much To Get Comics Graded?

What is the cost of it? You have to become a CGC member in order to submit comics. The fee for a comic book to be graded is $75. There are shipping fees that you should think about.

Is it worth getting comics graded?

It is easy to find comics from the 80s in high grades. If your comic looks like a 9.6 or worse, you don’t need to send it to get graded. If you want to make newer books worth your time and money, you have to get a 9.8 from CGC.

How do I get my comics graded?

If you want to get your comics certified, you should go to a good comic store. If you send in through your LCS, there will be no membership fees or minimum order requirements. They may have authenticators on site for certain things.

How much does it cost to get a comic graded and pressed?

For someone who’s just starting to have their comics graded and is sending in comics that fall under the Modern Grading Tier, you can expect the total cost to be lower.

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Do graded comics go up in value?

I am sick to think about how many people get thrown away. It is obvious that the rarity of a comic increases their value. Comic books can be very lucrative if they are graded. The comics in the plastic sleeves sell for a lot of money.


How much does it cost to CGC a comic book?

You have to become a CGC member in order to submit comics. $75 is the standard fee for one comic book to be graded. There are shipping fees that you should think about. If you want your comic book graded, you’ll have to pay around $100.

What is the highest grade for a comic book?

Each comic book is graded on a scale of 0 to 10 and has a page quality designation attached to it. For many books, the highest grade in existence is a 9.8, with 9.9s and 10s being extremely rare.

How long does CGC grading take 2022?

The turn around time for Bulk submissions has been cut in half to 60 days, while Economy is 25 days, Standard is 15 days, Express is 7 days and Walk Through is 3 days. Here, you can see the current turn around times.

How much can I sell my comics for?

Stores will sometimes pay more than 25 dollars for a box. The average value of a comic book is 25 cents, but if you go to a comic book store filled with boxes of low-demand comics from the 1990s to today, you will only get five cents each.

Are there any CGC 10 comics?

The total number of CGC 10 slabs to 1949 is 547, with some duplicate CGC 10 being included. The current standard label states CGC 10 instead of CGC 10.0, which was noted on earlier labels.

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Should I get my comic books pressed?

It is possible to improve the appearance of a comic book by removing non-color breaking defects such as dents, bends, crunches, rippling, and spine rolls.

Is CGC grading worth it Reddit?

No one wants their slabs at all and that’s why CGC isn’t worth a grade. It’s in the top end. It’s good to get a graded premium. Wait until BGS opens back up.

Are comics a good investment?

Comic books from the bronze and copper ages can be a good investment, but they aren’t as valuable as comics from the past. If you sell comic books from either of the later eras, you’re unlikely to get more than a few thousand dollars.

Are Silver Age comics a good investment?

Silver Age comic books have been shown to be good for long-term investments by many news stories. This is dependent on a number of factors.


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