How Much To Book Your Theory Test?

How long does it take to book a theory test uk?

10 minutes is how long it will take to book a driving theory test. Before you take the theory test, make sure you have your Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving licence number and credit or debit card with you.

Is it easy to pass UK theory test?

The test isn’t a walk in the park. It’s difficult to pass if you don’t know the format or have a good foundation of theory test knowledge. There are 50 multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test in the theory test.

Is 35 a pass in theory test?

You have to answer 35 questions correctly in the category A and B tests if you want to succeed. There are 40 questions in the test and you only have 45 minutes to answer them. has more information.


How long should you study for theory test?

We recommend booking your theory test at least a month in advance and spending between 12 and 24 hours revising for it.

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Can I pass my theory test in a week?

It is possible to pass your driving test within a week, but some people may need more time behind the wheel. Before you take your theory and practical test, you can take a 7-day intensive driving course.

How many times can you fail your theory test uk?

Don’t worry, you will have many more chances if you don’t pass the first try. There is no limit to how many times you can take your driving test. There are two parts to the UK driving test.

What’s the pass rate for theory test uk?

The official question bank has over 700 questions and you need a wide range of knowledge to answer them. The score for Hazard Perception is 44 out of 75. You need to pass both sections of the Driving Theory Test in order to take the test.

What is the pass rate for theory test 2022?

Theory multiple-choice was 64.9%, up 4.1 percentage points, and theory hazard perception was 83.6%, up 2.2 percentage points.

How much do driving lessons cost UK 2022?

If you don’t buy in bulk, the cost of a driving lesson can go up a few quid. The average amount of driving lessons needed to pass the test is 47 hours, so the cost of learning to drive is more than £1,500.

Is the theory test 2022 hard?

The theory test has a pass mark of over 80%. You have to answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly to pass the multiple choice section. There is a time limit for the event. You will be able to practice on a few sample questions before the exam starts.

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