How Much To Book John Legend?

How much is it for John Legend to perform at a wedding or party? Subject to availability and agreement over the terms of engagement, travel and production costs can be as high as $1 million.

Who is John Legend’s agent?

Ty Stiklorius is John Legend’s manager.

Did John Legend sing at his Wedding?

John Legend serenaded his bride with his hit song “All of Me” because he’s John Legend. Stevie Wonder performed a live rendition of “Ribbons in the Sky” while guests got on the dance floor with songs spun by Biz Markie.

How much does it cost to book Snoop Dogg?

The veteran rapper has a starting price of $250,000. The price doesn’t include a guarantee of a music video appearance, according to the rapper.


Who is Stiklori?

Thas Stiklorius, also known as Ty Stiklorius, is a music executive, film and television producer,entrepreneur, social impact leader and businesswoman. She founded and is the CEO of Friends At Work, a management, media and social impact company.

How much does it cost to have a famous singer at your wedding?

If you have your heart set on a famous act, and negotiations start at $50,000, you can make your wedding music dreams come true.

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How much does Luke Bryan make per concert?

Bryan charges a lot of money for tours. His performances are just one of the ways in which he earns money. Bryan makes about $12 million a year as a judge on the show.

How can I contact Luke Bryan?

There is a contact forLuke Bryan. You can send a message to him on his social media accounts. There is a Facebook page with a photo of a man. You can post a comment, send a message, or tag the man.

How much money does Luke Combs make?

An American country music singer and composer with a net worth of $5 million is known as “luke combs”. The baby was born in the state of North Carolina.

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