How Much Does Radish Fiction Cost?

If you want to continue reading, you have to pay anywhere from 20 to 40 cents per chapter. Those who are patient will be able to wait until those chapters are free a few weeks later.

How much does Radish Fiction pay?

At least one writer can make as much as $13,000 a month because of the micropayments. Writers can make a lot of money writing for Radish.

How do Radish writers get paid?

Writers are paid on a quarterly basis. The threshold for payment is $50. The average coin value from the last 3 months will be used to calculate your earning estimates.

Which is better wattpad or Radish?

It’s possible that your book will be better off on a site other than Wattpad. Young adult, new adult, paranormal and sci-fi can all be found on Wattpad. It’s a better choice for romance, mystery, thrillers and fantasy.


How much do Wattpad writers get paid?

Writers will be paid cash stipends of up to $25,000 if they make their stories exclusive to the platform. A total of $2.6 million will be paid to writers in the year 2022, according to the company.

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Are radishes worth it writers?

If you love to write genre fiction and can do it on a schedule, and you also want to make a bit of money doing it, then you should check out Radish Fiction. It’s a great way for people who want to write genre fiction to be successful.

How do I submit a story to a Radish?

We usually invite writers who have a strong online or offline presence, and we review their applications on an ongoing basis. If you’re an emerging writer, we’d love to hear about it.

How long are Radish books?

2000 words per episode is the average for our own radishes. There is more to read and readers love it. When choosing where to break up your story into episodes, look for the sweet spot where the word count is 1500 to 2500 words and you will get an exciting cliffhanger.

Can you make money writing for chapters app?

The stories can be as long as 8,400 words and can be paid for when the readers finish the chapter. The flexibility to uploading chapters at their own pace is a result of this, because authors earn money by the chapter and not by book.

How much can you make with Kindle Vella?

The author is paid 50% of what the reader spent to get the episode. The author of a 3,000 word episode would be paid $0.1362 for each token they spent.

How do you unlock episodes on radishes?

The person made a payment. The Radish model uses coins, with readers buying them from Radish and spending them tounlock the next episode of the book, if it’s available. 3 coins is how much it will cost to get an episode.

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Is there a free app for reading books?

The best way to read free books is through the app. Ebooks, textbooks, audiobooks, comics, and even Manga can be found in the app. Even if you’re not using the app, you can still read or listen on any of the devices.

Can you read Radish on computer?

There are free fiction and chat stories that can be downloaded on the PC. You can play on the big screen. fiction novel reading is bite-sized and binge-worthy in the world of Radish.

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