How Much Are New Comics?

Are new comics worth collecting?

Comic books are a great way to collect and enjoy. If you would like a portion of your collection to be a long-term investment, consider investing in investment-grade books. Our example shows that most Modern Age comic books need to be a 9.8 to fit that investment grade criteria.

Are comics still worth money?

If you have a comic that contains the first appearance of a character or has been printed in a very limited quantity, it may still be worth a lot.

Are comic books dying out?

As the movies gain popularity, the sales of the books that serve as their inspiration have fallen. Increased diversity in the medium may be the reason why comic books are experiencing a resurgence.


What kind of comics are worth money?

Superman 1 is currently the most valuable comic book, however, Detective Comics 27 and Action Comics 1 are still the most valuable.

Is buying comics a good investment?

Adding comic books to your portfolio is a great way to make money. Diversification is important because you want to have a variety of things in your portfolio. Comic books can increase in value when there is a huge spike in their value.

Are comics declining?

According to data shared by third party industry-watchers ICv2 and Comichron, comics publishing in North America grew at an unprecedented 60% clip over the course of two years. The 2020 total of $1.28 billion was a new record for the year.

How much should I price comic books?

Depending on the age and value of the comic, the fee can be as high as $120 for most books. A sliding scale of 3% of the book’s value can be applied to comics with a fair market value over $3,000.

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How are comic books priced?

Most comic books have a retail price when they are first published. There are 10c, 12c, 15c, 20c, or 25c on the cover of the valuable ones. The value of comics with a 30c or higher cover is limited. There are exceptions to the rule.

Why are comic book prices going up?

There are films and TV shows that you can fly into. A comic book’s appearance in a hit movie or TV show increases its value. The value of characters’ comic book appearances has gone up as they are introduced into the universe.

How often do new comic books come out?

While individual titles are usually on a monthly schedule, some artists work on a slower schedule, putting out one issue every two months, which is why they like to increase the schedule to biweekly for their most popular titles during the summer.

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