How Many Years Does After Have On Wattpad?

When did After come out on Wattpad?

The story of a girl falling in love with a punk Harry Styles was written by Anna on a social writing app. The story became very popular after about 80 chapters.

Was After a Wattpad story first?

After was published as a fanfiction. The music of One Direction inspired Anna Todd to write her novel.


Is After 2 on Wattpad the same as the book?

The story is the same, but the sound of it is different. There is a book written like a child was left with a laptop for too long. They add more twists to the erotic scenes and make them longer.

Is there an After 4 book on Wattpad?

There is a story about Harry and Tessa. I hope you will enjoy it. They have a story about their marriage and after life with their children.

Does Wattpad count your reads?

Only unique reads are tied to a specific user ID, and only if someone isn’t logging in and hasn’t read the story in a day. If someone didn’t log in to their account, they wouldn’t be able to read your story.

Why is Wattpad a 17?

If there are explicit sex scenes, self- harm, and graphic violence in the story, it will be marked as mature by the author.

What age are Tessa and Hardin?

In the first movie, After, Tessa is 18 years old as she begins her first year of college as a freshman, while Hardin is a year older than her. In We Collided, we see the couple through the same school year, but we don’t see them celebrating their birthday.

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Does Tessa get pregnant in after series?

Two years after graduating NYU, a couple of years after trying for a baby, they get pregnant. Six years after welcoming a miracle baby girl, they have a baby boy of their own.

How old is Wattpad?

Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen collaborated on a project that led to the creation of Wattpad. The company is located in Canada.

Is 365 days based on fanfiction?

What is that thing? It is a trilogy of books. As far as I know, 365 Dni is not based on fanfic, but it feels like a lot of the story is based on fanfic. The kidnapping-as-romance genre is very popular.

Is 365 days based on a Wattpad book?

Is the book the basis for the dni? It’s definitely true. The Polish author Blanka Lipinska wrote the original version of the novel. The first book in Lipinska’s trilogy is called “365 dni”.

Can a Wattpad story become a movie?

It is an entertainment. Wattpad Studios co-produces stories for TV, film, digital video, and print.

Is After a Harry fanfic?

Jenny Gage will be directing a film based on a series of novels written by Anna Todd. The erotic books started as fan fiction, revolving around a college girl named Tessa who falls in love with a bad boy named Harry Styles, who is a member of One Direction.

Why does Wattpad remove books?

When a story is reported to Wattpad, our team conducts a thorough investigation and will only remove content that violates the policies of the site. Our moderation process is the same as before. It’s a final and irreversible decision by Wattpad.

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What is the 5th After book called?

He is going to go after her in Lisbon. Anna Todd has a fifth book in the series called Before, which is a follow up to the story of the love story of Hardin and Tessa. Emery and Auden, as well as their cousin, Addy, are going to be in a next- generation sequel.

Does Wattpad have kids books?

The Little Sophia is a book for children. Sophia Belfort was a child genius, and her above average intelligence led her parents, her Quick Bedtime Story for kids ages 3 to 10 years old.

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