How Many Predator Comics Are There?

Dark Horse published a total of 41 different Predator stories during the time they owned the rights to produce them.

Is Predator 2 based on a comic?

The film of the same name was published by Dark Horse Comics in February and June of 1991. Jim and John Thomas wrote the original script for it.

Does Predator have a comic?

Dark Horse publishes the Aliens and Alien vs. Predator lines of comics but other distributors have made other comics.

What happened to Marvel Predator comics?

The publisher canceled all of the planned Predator products, including the ongoing series, the Omnibus collection, and 20 planned variant covers.

Are there female predators?

Big Mama is an example of a female predator that is different from the previous description. She is shown to be a little different from males, with her hair and head looking brighter. She is just as aggressive as the males.


Is Predator a Marvel character?

The main shared universe has a comic book character called Predator X. The character is an opponent of the Mutants.

How many alien comics are there?

Dark Horse published a total of 72 different Aliens stories during the time they owned the rights to produce Aliens comics.

Is Alien vs Predator Marvel or DC?

The recent merger of Disney and Fox means that both the Alien and Predator franchises are owned by the same company. Both properties are related to the Alien movie.

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Is Alien vs Predator Marvel?

The Alien and Predator franchises have been part of the comic book industry for a long time. There will be a new line of comics set in the cinematic sci-fi universe with the acquisition of the rights to Aliens and Predator.

Is there a Predator 5?

Prey is an American science fiction horror film that will be released in the year 2022. The first four films were set in the Northern Great Plains of North America in 1719, but this is the fifth and final one. Patrick Aison wrote the script for the film.

Is alien a Marvel character?

The necrotic terrorism makes its debut in the comic book. Gabriel Cruz gave his life in order to save Weyland- Yutani.

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