How Many Novels Does One Piece Have?

One Piece is the 21st longest series by volume count, with 104 tankbon volumes.

Will One Piece have 100 volumes?

The creator of One Piece opened up about how they never intended for the series to run for more than 100 volumes.

Is One Piece novel finished?

The story of the King of the Pirates isn’t finished despite the fact that Oda has been drawing it continuously for almost 25 years. By the looks of it, the journey will go on for a long time.

How many volumes of One Piece are there going to be?

One Piece is one of the longest running comic books ever. With continuous new chapter updates, One Piece is home to 1057+ chapters, which are split into 103 tankobon volumes.


How many years will it take to finish One Piece?

There are two and a half minutes removed from each episode for the outro. It takes 381.3 hours or 15.9 days to watch it over two solid weeks, with no breaks for other shows or activities.

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How many years will One Piece continue?

Oda told Aoyama that he didn’t know how long it would take to complete the series. The author says that he wants to end One Piece in three years. The ending of the journey was already planned by the Mangaka.

What does D stand for in One Piece?

“D.” means danger, according to one of the Five Elders. Law mentioned the Will of D. once more when Doflamingo asked about it.

Did Oda write Ace’s story?

Sho Hinata took Oda’s character notes and turned them into a story that explored the kinds of people he met along the way.

How much of the One Piece story is complete?

You may be wondering when One Piece will come to an end. The final saga is expected to last about five years. In the middle of writing the Wano arcs, Eiichiro Oda laid out a timelines.

Is One Piece the longest book?

Ilan Manouach used 21,450 pages of the popular Japanese comic “One Piece” to make a sculpture that commented on the commodification of comic books. He created a book that is so long that it is hard to read.

What is the longest volume of One Piece?

There was a post on September 21, 2022, at 2:39 p.m. It is said that the longest book ever made is a single volume edition of One Piece. There are only fifty of the completely unreadable Manga volumes made and they cost 1,900.


How much would every volume of One Piece cost?

The cost to read One Piece is $820 and the cost to read Fairy Tail is $550. The books will be more expensive at real-world stores than on Amazon, but they are roughly correct.

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What is the most sold volume of One Piece?

The new national industry record was set in August of 2012 with the first printing of 4.05 million copies. The most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author is a Guinness World Record.

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