How Many Comics In The Walking Dead?

The series ran for more than 200 issues before it was ended in 2019.

How many comics are in The Walking Dead Compendium 1?

There is a published story. The first compendium of The Walking Dead, called The Walking Dead: Compendium One, contains issues 1 to 48, as well as Volumes 1 to 8 and a short story about Morgan and Duane from Volume 1.

Is The Walking Dead comics finished?

There was an abrupt end to the The Walking Dead story. The announcement of the end of the comic was similar to the end of the series, and fans on both sides were surprised.

Which is better Walking Dead comic or show?

The TV show’s portrayal is impressive, but not as good as the comics’ original depiction. In a post- apocalyptic situation, it’s believable that people would do anything to survive, no matter how bad the situation is.

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How long does it take to read The Walking Dead Compendium 1?

The average reader reads at a speed of 300 WPM and takes 33 minutes to read The Walking Dead Compendium 1.

How far do the Walking Dead comics go?

The end of The Walking Dead comic is shown here. The last issue of The Walking Dead deals with a property law dispute. The life as we knew it on Earth for 192 issues was represented by the walking dead, but they represent something different in this last issue.


Why did the Walking Dead comics end?

He told the audience at San Diego Comic-Con that he wanted to avoid the book because it would become repetitious.

Why was Walking Dead Cancelled?

It is time for evolution to come to us. The Walking Dead is still going strong. The makers of The Walking Dead decided to end the show so that they could focus on more than one spin-off. The Daryl/Carol spin-off, which is set to premiere on AMC in 2023, will be the new home of current TWD showrunners, as well as other upcoming shows.

Will there ever be more Walking Dead comics?

The creators of the comic book want to help comic book stores by focusing on one of the villains of the series.

How faithful is The Walking Dead to the comics?

There are a lot of differences between the comic and the TV adaptation. The people that have died in the show are still alive in the comic, while the people that don’t exist in the comic are dead.

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Is Walking Dead based on a book?

The core of The Walking Dead franchise was formed by the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard.

Is there a walking dead volume 33?

The Walking Dead eBook is available on

Is compendium 4 the last Walking Dead?

The fourth compendium will be the final one. I picked up the first compendium after watching the first two seasons of the show. The series is being read by the compendium rather than by issue or volume.

Are The Walking Dead comics in color?

There are two major reasons that the creators of The Walking Dead chose not to use color.

Is Carl alive in the comics?

Is Carl dead in the ‘Walking Dead’ comic books? In the Walking Dead comics, Carl does not die, but is a very important part of the ending. Sebastian Milton, the son of the Commonwealth’s leader, Pamela, killed Rick Grimes in the comic books.

Who kills Negan?

The man slashed the man’s throat with a knife. Rick’s leg was broken when Negan beat him and got the better of him. The man passed out from the blood loss. Rick was standing over him when he woke up in one of the rooms.

Which Walking Dead comic should I read first?

The best place to start reading The Walking Dead is in The Walking Dead #1. The benefit of starting with the first issue is that the Rick and other characters will evolve over time.

Are Walking Dead comics worth money?

The AMC hit series has made Walking Dead #1 the most valuable comic book of the modern era, with record sales in five figures. The range of books in the CGC is between 9.8 and 8.0.

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What is a compendium comic?

DC Comics published a collection called “Compendium”. A large amount of material can be found in these collections.

Was The Walking Dead a comic first?

The Walking Dead was a monthly black-and-white American comic that began in 2003 and was written and illustrated by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. There are currently five artists in the series.

Is Daryl Dixon a virgin?

There is an answer to this question, and it’s that of the person who is a virgin. Reedus used to say that he plays Daryl as if he’s never been kissed.

How did The Walking Dead virus start?

The scientist was attacked when she said she was trying to end the zombie plague. You were the first one to start this. “The Dead Are Born Here” is the meaning of the word “Les Morts Sont Nés Ici”. It is clear that this is where the outbreak started.

Is fear The Walking Dead ending?

The back half of the 11th and final season of The Walking Dead will be the last for one corner of the universe.

Did The Walking Dead get taken off Netflix?

Is The Walking Dead leaving the streaming service after the 11th season? It’s not known how long The Walking Dead will stay on the streaming service. We are able to look at other AMC shows. If The Walking Dead follows Hell on Wheels departure schedule, it will be the end of the show.

Is season 11 the last of The Walking Dead?

The eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead is scheduled to premiere on August 22, 2021.

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