How Many Comics Fit In A Gemini Mailer?

The Comic Book flash Mailer can be used for single issues up to 12 bags and can also be used for trade paperbacks.

How much does it cost to ship a Gemini comic mailer?

It can fit in a Legal Size Priority Mail Envelope for $8. If you use commercial rates such as eBay labels,, Pirate Ship, etc., you’ll get insurance of $100.

What envelope can I send Gemini comic mailer in?

Legal-sized flat rate envelopes can be looked at. They are large enough to fit in a mailer. Insurance is up to $50 for 2-Day Priority Mail shipping and is included in the shipping price.


What does it cost to ship a comic book?

If you’re worried that the book will get bent in transit, you can put a piece of cardboard in with it. If you use standard first-class postage, it will work out to about a dollar per book. The average price for good packaging is $1.

Can comics be sent media mail?

The cheapest postal rate is known as the “Media Mail” rate, which can only be used for books. Advertising items can’t be media mail. Most comics contain advertising, so they can’t be shipped media mail.

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How much does a graphic novel weigh?

Even though the publisher’s comics have 18 pages, the average weight of a DC comic book is 1.8 ounces.

Are all comics the same size?

Today’s comic books are usually 6 5/8′′ wide by 10 3/16′′ high, but they weren’t always standardized. Comic books have different sizes in the past.

When did comics get smaller?

Art production sizes were standardized across the industry to 10 x 15 by the time “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way” was published.

How tall is a comic?

The width of comic books was narrowed from the Golden Age of 7 1/2 inches to the Silver Age of 18.4 inches.

How many comics fit in a medium flat rate box?

Based on the dimensions, two of them should fit in the medium flat rate box with a small margin.

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