How Many Books In The Zodiac Academy Series?

Is book 8 of Zodiac Academy the last book?

The Zodiac Academy series came to a close with the final book. The synopsis will be coming soon.

Is ruthless boys of the zodiac a completed series?

Five years before the Zodiac Academy series and 10 years before the Darkmore Penitentiary series, Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac takes place in the Solaria Universe. I don’t think it’s necessary to read the series first.

What book do Darius and Tory get together?

In the fourth book of the series, the two of them are pulled together in a divine moment, but with all the hurt, she pushes him away and refuses to have black rings around their irises.

What is a reverse harem book?

A harem is a group of males and females in a household or relationship. The woman is surrounded by a group of men in a reverse harem book.

Is Zodiac Academy a reverse harem?

The other two series are called Reverse Harem and Zodiac isn’t one of them. I can’t say a bad word about the books I have read from these two amazing authors. The Ruthless Boys books are recommended to be read in publication order.

Is Zodiac Academy a TV series?

The Zodiac Academy is a Dark Bully M/F Paranormal Romance series that follows Twins Tory and Darcy Vega who find out they are Fae and have to learn to harness their power while trying to defend their throne from the four Heirs who want to claim it in their place.

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Who is Gabriel’s wife in Zodiac Academy?

Gabriel finally met Hail after he was taken to Solaria. As soon as they met, Hail was in love with him. Merissa and Hail were married and told the world that they had taken in an orphan named Gabriel.

What should I read first Dark Fae or Zodiac Academy?

The Joy Zodiac was the first one to be published. I believe The Awakening does a better job of introducing the world than Dark Fey did, so I would recommend starting there. Ruthless Boys seems to come before Zodiac Academy, according to what I have seen.

Is Dark Fae set before Zodiac Academy?

Four years before the Vega Twins were awakened, there was a reverse harem series set in Zodiac Academy.

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