How Many Books Did Zane Grey Write?

How many Western books did Zane Grey write?

Many of Grey’s books retained their popularity. Louis L’Amour is one of the most popular and prolific writers of westerns.

Are Zane GREY books valuable?

It is hard to determine the values of the books. The beholder’s view of the value is similar to that of a collectible. The prices for the first edition with dust jackets can be hundreds of dollars. Reprints with dust jackets can be had for as little as $25 to $50.



Is Zanesville Ohio named after Zane Gray?

The town is not named after Grey because he was born there. The spelling of his last name was changed. He didn’t get along with his father so he changed it.

What years did Zane GREY write books?

Most people know that he is the author of best-selling westerns, but they don’t know that he was the most successful American author of the 20th century. Every year from 1915 to 1924, he had a new novel on the top 10 list.

How much is a Zane GREY collection worth?

If it’s in good shape and you’re able to find it, $5 is a good deal, $10 is still a good deal, even if you can’t find it.

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Where did Zane Grey get his name?

The name Pearl Zane Grey was given to him because of the description of mourning clothes of Queen Victoria in a newspaper. He was raised in a town where his mother’s ancestors were from.

Why did Zane Grey leave Arizona?

Grey was upset with the game and fish commission because he wanted to make a documentary about bear hunting. Grey was angry because the game and fish commission wouldn’t let him do it. He left Arizona because he had a short temper and wouldn’t come back.

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