How Does The Untamed Novel End?

What is the ending of Mo Dao Zu Shi novel?

The animated series hasn’t made their relationship official yet, but the novel shows they end up together. They become partners after getting married.

Is The Untamed finished?

The 50th episode was the last one of the series. During an official fanmeeting event, they announced that all episodes of the show would be available for viewing on August 7.

When did Lan Wangji kissed Wei Wuxian?

It’s our heroes’ first kiss in MXTX’s novel, but we don’t know it yet. He’s still blindfolded from the archery contest, and is relaxing against a tree when Lan Wangji suddenly kisses him passionately.

Do Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji get together in The Untamed?

The show is based on a web novel that has a glaring difference to it’s source material, as the show’s main characters end up getting married.


Who does Jiang Cheng marry?

There is a romantic scene in the Web Series where Jiang Cheng proposes to her at the start of the Sunshot Campaign to save her.

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What chapter does Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji get married?

There is no description of a wedding in the story, but it does happen between chapter 112 and chapter 112 when they refer to each other as a married couple after three months.

Did Nie Huaisang resurrect Wei Wuxian?

The ritual results in the deaths of the Mo family, as well as endangering the rest of the village, when the Demonic Left Arm is thrown into Mo Village.

How did Wei Wuxian save Lan Wangji?

Lan Wangji saved the man after Su She tried to hurt him. His life was saved when he was carried away from their exit to save his life after he was bitten by the Xuanwu.

Why did Mo Xuanyu summon Wei Wuxian?

In order to avenge the Mo family, Mo Xuanyu believes that he will have to sacrifice his soul.

How old is Lan Wangji in the present?

He is close to 15 at the beginning of the story. The Discussion Conference at the Lanling Jin Sect starts at 15 years old. He’s at least 16 when the story begins.

Is Mo Dao Zu Shi novel completed?

You don’t have to wait for new information because the novel is finished. The novel won’t be available to read in English translation until 2021. The novel is going to be published in English in December.

Did the cast of The Untamed read the novel?

People in the cast have read the uncensored version of the novel.

Is The Untamed A love story?

The Untamed is an epic fantasy with a romance at its center, led by a problem child who comes back from the dead in order to fix the world he left behind.

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