How Does The Novel Untouchable End?

By the end of the novel, there is a compelling case for the end of untouchability. The young man’s world has a lot of people in it. Bakha’s dad yelled at him to get out of bed and clean the toilets.

What solution does novel give in the last to remove untouchability?

Three answers to this malpractice are presented in the end of the novel. Bhaka is offered to accept Christianity that does not have a caste system in order to be free of ostracism. Even if equal treatment and opportunity to visit a church is part of a religion change, Bhaka fears it.

What is the central theme of the novel Untouchable?

Untouchable is a novel about the evil of untouchability. Modern Indian society shows injustice,humiliations, and degradation faced by a specific section.

Who saved Bakha at the bazar and why?

Bakha’s father reminds him that when he was a baby, a Hindu doctor saved his life when he was sick. A friend of Bakha’s sister is getting married.

What is a brief summary of untouchable?

One of the leading English authors in India was established by the novel. The book was inspired by his aunt’s experience of being ostracized by her family after having a meal with a Muslim woman. The argument for eliminating the caste system is at the center of the plot.

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How Bakha is the hero of the novel untouchable?

Bakha is the hero of the novel because he helps the reader understand that there has to be a fundamental change in India’s caste-driven society. We are brought into what heendures by Bakha.


Who is Lakha in Untouchable?

Lakha is the father of Bakha. He is shown yelling at his children, calling them names, and urging them to work harder. Bakha understands that his father doesn’t want to help his children because he can’t.

Is the novel Untouchable relevant today?

The work is relevant today because of the way Prime Minister Manmohan Singh endorsed the 2004 release of the special edition. ostracizing members of a community because they reach out to other people is relevant on a number of levels.

What happened to sohini at the temple?

The caste system’s ugly reality was exposed by the assault on Sohini. Bakha and Sohini are used to being treated worse than animals, but this incident was worse. Bakha felt like he was dying.

Why was Bakha enamored with the Tommies?

Why is Bakha so fond of the Tommies? Money and food have been given to him by them. He was well-rewarded for his work. The man is being pressured by their military policy.

Why does Bakha want to be sahib?

British dress codes were so strict that Bakha wanted to be like a sahib, wearing their left-out or cheap dresses and using their worn-out furniture, only to soothe the harsh realities of his status.

How old is sohini in Untouchable?

The novel tells about an eighteen year old boy named Bakha who has a bitter relationship with other characters. Sohini is a person who is easy to get along with. She has a sylph that is rounded on the hips and has a narrow waist.

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Who is Waziro?

Waziro is the wife of the weaver and she protects Sohini. Described by Bakha as apeevish old black money lender, Ramanand is of a higher class. He shouted at Bakha to clean the toilets.

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