How Does Telemachus Change In Books 1-4?

Things have changed because of his meeting with the woman in the first book. She helps him improve his stature and bearing by teaching him the responsibilities of a prince. He becomes more assertive as time goes on.


How has Telemachus changed since the beginning of Book 1?

What has Telemachus changed since Book 1? He now says he is the man of the house. She is in awe of him. The men are called to assembly by Telemachus.

How does Telemachus change or grow over the course of the first four books of the Odyssey?

Over the course of the first four books, Telemachus transforms from a boy to a man when he defends his home and mother from the suitors, travels to Nestor’s house and tries to find his father.

Do you think that Telemachus got an education in books 1 4?

Telemachus is trained and educated by three mentors in the first four books of the Odyssey. He was able to travel from his home to two different Greek citadels in the first four books.

What is Telemachus like in Book 1?

The boy of Odysseus. At the beginning of the story, Telemachus is about twenty years old. Despite his courage and good heart, he initially lacks the confidence to oppose the men who are desperately courting his mother.

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How does Telemachus change in Book 4?

Telemachus is willing to take risks in his life because of the changes he is making. He’s no longer the safe guy, he’s making pacts with his father, and he’s putting his mother’s life at risk.

How are Telemachus and Odysseus different?

The epic of Telemachus and Odysseus is influenced by many different forces, both human and supernatural. Telemachus matures into a man while Odysseus becomes more wise as they travel through Greece to find one another.

How does Telemachus grow?

Telemachus grows as a man while on the road. A woman dressed as a mentor is guiding and instructing him. Telemachus doesn’t tend to change his mind. He is able to help Odysseus by getting his mother out of the line of fire and by being mature enough to do so.

How does Telemachus develop?

In The Odyssey, Homer shows the transformation of Telemachus from a passive young man to a man who is worthy of being Odysseus’ son. Through the help of Athena, he learns how to be a man who is worth the title of prince of Ithaca because of his bravery.

What happens to Telemachus?

They say that he became the father of Latinus when he married Circe, and that he was influenced by Athena to do so. It was wonderful. There was a comp. He was killed by the daughter of his mother-in-law in a fight after marrying her.

What is one lesson that Telemachus learns in the first four books of the Odyssey?

Telemachus can learn a lesson from the Telemachy. The transition from being a boy to being a man was the lesson. This particular lesson that Telemachus stands to learn during the journey of books 1 through 4 of The Odyssey of Homer is helped by the Telemachy.

How is Telemachus courageous?

Telemachus sets out on a journey without knowing if he will find his father. It takes courage to abandon a life of constant familiarity and security in order to live a life of constant uncertainty and danger.

What steps toward maturity does Telemachus take?

What are Telemachus’s steps towards maturity? It will be possible for Telemachus to find out what happened to Odysseus. Telemachus was more mature in his meeting with Nestor because he was able to ask questions and speak well.

Why did Telemachus go on a voyage?

Telemachus goes on a journey to find out what happened to his dad. King Odysseus of Ithaca is lost after the war. The suitors tried to marry the man’s wife. Telemachus was persuaded to travel to find out if his father is still alive.

What happens at the end of Book 4 of the Odyssey?

The soldiers were saved from certain death by Odysseus. Everyone goes to sleep after Menelaus has finished his story. Helen is able to guess Telemachus’s identity and then trick the men into forgetting it.

Why is Telemachus important?

The Greek hero Odysseus had a son named Telemachus. He found out that Odysseus was at home. The father and son were the ones who slew the people who were there. After Odysseus’ death, Telemachus married the woman he loved.

What does Telemachus ask for and in order to do what?

Telemachus is being advised to visit Pylos and Sparta by the goddess Athena, who is also known as Mentes. Telemachus was told that he might hear his father’s name.

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What challenges does Telemachus face in the Odyssey?

The absence of his father and the presence of the people who have taken over his house are some of the obstacles that Telemachus has to overcome. He was able to overcome the obstacles in the poem by his father coming back and killing the suitors.

How is Telemachus different from his father Ulysses?

A man named Ulysses is an old man who wants to have some adventure in his old age. Telemachus is a young man with no restless spirit. According to his father, Telemachus is a good king because he is smart and caring.

How is Telemachus a hero in the Odyssey?

There is a hero. Telemachus is the hero because he sacrificed his life for the sake of others. He helps his father get back to his hometown.

What does Telemachus learn about himself?

The meaning of being a son, the treatment of guests, and sacrifice to the gods are some of the things that Telemachus learns about himself. He learns how to lead by example. He learns what to do. He learns that Xenia is a hospital.

How does Telemachus feel about the suitors?

Telemachus, the son of Odysseus, is not happy with the men he is interested in. Telemachus was a guest-friend of Odysseus and he had a complaint about the suitors’ behavior. The suitors and disloyal maidservants are killed by Odysseus, Telemachus and Eumaeus.

What announcement does Telemachus make to the suitors of his Hall in Book 1?

What is Telemachus going to say to the people in his hall? He’s going to call a meeting of the assembly and ask the people who are interested in him to leave.

Why does the Odyssey start with Telemachus?

It is Telemachus dichotomy of roles, contextually a reference for dynamic reader response and dramatically the unique character of Odysseus son, which makes the Odyssey’s opening so effective in outlining the inherent dramatic questions.

How does Telemachus display his loyalty to Odysseus?

How do Telemachus show his loyalty to Odysseus? He always looks for his dad. How does she show that she is loyal? She waits for him for 20 years so that she doesn’t fall in love with someone else.

What does Menelaus caution Telemachus against in Book 4?

His son and daughter are getting married at the same time. What does Menelaus say to Telemachus? He helped them find Menelaus kingdom because he is his father’s son.

Why is Telemachus angry in the beginning of the book?

What happens at the beginning of Book 23 when Eurycleia and Penelope argue? They argue about the location of Odysseus. Telemachus is angry at her because she is just staring at Odysseus in disbelief when he has not been seen in 20 years.

Why does Telemachus remark that his house is plagued by swarms of enemies?

Telemachus was determined to find his dad. In Odysseus’ absence, his house is attacked by many people who are after him. Telemachus informs Odysseus that there are more than one hundred people who are interested in him.

What does Telemachus believe has happened to his father Odysseus at the beginning of the poem?

What did Telemachus think about his father at the beginning of the poem? He believes he was killed in the war. What problems were caused by her husband’s absence after the end of theTrojan war? A lot of people are interested in marrying her.

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Is Penelope a good wife?

A good wife is not always a good wife. The plots she is involved in show that she is able to take advantage of a situation in order to defend her family.

In what ways does Odysseus develop as a character?

By the end of the story, he is more patient and is able to put his pride to the side and become more cunning and even reduce his stature of King of Ithaca.

How does Penelope plan to hold off the suitors?

How has she held off the demands of her lovers for the past four years? She told them that when she weaves a burial cloth for her father-in-law, she will choose a husband and never marry.

How has Telemachus changed since the beginning of Book 1?

What has Telemachus changed since Book 1? He now calls himself the man of the house. She is in awe of him. The men are called to assembly by Telemachus.

How has Telemachus changed from the beginning of the poem?

Telemachus was a baby when his father left for Troy. He is devoted to his mother and father, but he doesn’t know how to protect them from the people who are interested in them.

What problem is Telemachus facing at home?

Ogygia is where Hermes is going to order the freeing of Odysseus. Telemachus is the son of Odysseus. Telemachus has a problem with his home being overrun by men who want to marry his mom. The wife of Odysseus has been waiting for her husband to come home.

What are the four parts to the plan that Telemachus must do to defeat the suitors?

Telemachus needs to keep his weapons out of the storage room. Telemachus told the people that the weapons were damaged and they should not fight. Telemachus has to give up his swords and oxhide buckles for Odysseus. The suitors will be in for a surprise.

How has Telemachus changed since he left home in Book II who has been instrumental in making the change?

What has Telemachus been up to since he left home in Book 2? Who helped make the change happen? He is more confident and brave now that he’s matured. He was helped by a person named Athena.

How are Telemachus and Orestes different?

He calls a council for the leaders of Ithaca, yet he fails to do so because Telemachus is outnumbered by the people who want to marry him.

What is the significance of following Telemachus own mini Odysseus in the first four books of The Odyssey?

The first four books are referred to as Telemachy because Telemachus goes on his own journey. The education of Telemachus is represented in the first four books by both divine and mortal means, but without the influence of his missing father, Odysseus.

What happens to Telemachus?

They say that he became the father of Latinus when he married Circe, and that he was influenced by Athena to do so. It was wonderful. There was a comp. He was killed by the daughter of his mother-in-law in a fight after marrying her.

What causes Telemachus to gain confidence to stand up to the suitors?

Telemachus’ motivation is based on faith after he joins his father in the king’s plan to overcome the suitors. He believes in the power of the gods and his father, who is a legend.

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