How Does Riverdale Comics End?

After 67 years, the longest love triangle in comics history appears to be over, with Archie proposing to Veronica instead of Betty.

What happens to Archie in Archie Comics?

In Life with Archie, the character is an adult and he is dying in a shorter storyline. Jon Goldwater is the publisher and CEO of ArchieComics. It is the most dramatic scene in Archie’s history. The death of Archie is what it is.


Does Betty marry Archie?

Betty was offered the head of the FBI’s serial killer division, but she turned it down, saying she was moving towards the light. She proposed to Archie after changing her mind.

Do Betty and Archie have a baby in the comics?

Desperate to have a child of her own, Betty and Cheryl hatched a plan to sacrifice Archie to the Maple Maiden. La Llorona took her child from her womb while she was trying to have a baby.

Who does Betty get pregnant by in Riverdale?

Betty told Archie at the end of the show that she was pregnant with his child. That is the way we find Betty.

Does Jughead marry Betty in the comics?

The relationship between Bughead and his wife was never what it was in the comic books. They didn’t date in the comic books. Betty always had her head in the clouds for Archie because he was too lazy to date.

Who does Archie end up with in the end?

It is arguably one of the show’s most unforgettable and emotional moments when Archie proposes to Betty in the finale of the show. Archie told Betty that they might not have much time after he got down on one knee. I know how I want to use it. I would like to be married to me.

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Is Archie Comics finished?

Archie is a comic book series that features the character Archie.

Did the Archie Sonic comics end?

Sonic the Hedgehog was a video game character that was featured in a comic book series. It ran from July 1993 to February of this year.

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