How Does Dc Comics End?

What is the end of DC Comics?

In December of last year, DC Comics ended the “Rebirth” branding and replaced it with a bigger “DC Universe” banner and name. The repercussions of Rebirth continue into New Justice, Infinite Frontier, and Dawn of DC in the coming years.

Who kills the DC Universe?

Lobo Kills the DC Universe is a limited series by Electric Mayhem that takes place in an alternate universe where Lobo goes on a killing spree, taking out all of the DC Universe’s heroes and villains.

Is Justice League comic ending?

This is the last issue of Justice League and we made the decision because of that. There isn’t going to be a Justice League comic in the next three months. There is no Justice League after this story, and that’s going to be a big part of what the DCU looks like after that.


Is the DC Universe over?

DC’s film, television and animation division has been taken over by Warner Bros. Discovery and it looks like the DCEU name has been retired.

Which is oldest DC or Marvel?

DC Comics was released in 1934 and is five years older thanMarvel. The first publication was under the National Allied Publications. Detective Comics, which featured Batman, inspired the change to DC Comics in 1977.

Who is the God Killer in DC?

The God Killer is a sword created by the Greek god Hephaestus and offered to the assassin Deathstroke in order to kill the Greek god Lapetus.

How the Justice League dies?

In last month’s Justice League #75, every active member of the Justice League is dead in a battle with Pariah and the Dark Army, leaving the rest of Earth’s heroes to mourn and try to figure out what happened.

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Who is DC biggest villain?

Darkseid is the name of the demon. Darkseid is given to you. Darkseid is not only the sworn enemy of the Justice League and New Gods, but he is also the sworn enemy of anyone who steps in his way. Apokolips is home to some of the most loyal and evil people in DC.

Is DC killing off the Justice League?

DC kicks off a jaw-dropping new series that ends with the death of the Justice League. The Justice League was killed before DarkCrisis began. The Justice League is a great team. They’ve been together for over 50 years.

Is DC still New 52?

We are still in the New 52 universe even though the titles of the comics have changed.

Are the end Comics canon?

“The End” is not a part of the official continuity of the company according to Tom Brevoort. The 2003 to 2004 Thanos series takes place soon after the events of The End, and the character claims to be…

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