Does The Joker Know He’s In A Comic?

Does Joker know who Batman is in the comics?

The person knows, but can’t bring himself to pay attention. The true identity of Batman has been ignored by the Joker, who has known it for a long time. He can’t bring himself to be interested in Bruce Wayne.

Is Joker’s identity ever revealed?

Jack Oswald White is the real name of the person who is referred to as the Joker. Martha discovered that the Flashpoint universe’s version of Jack Oswald White was a struggling family man who supported his wife and child as a janitor at Wayne Casino.

What is the Joker’s identity in the comics?

The real name of the clown is Jack Oswald White, according to the latest issue of Flashpoint Beyond. Fans of DC and the character have appreciated the fact that the identity of the Joker is something that many have tried to find.

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Was Heath Ledger’s Joker comic book accurate?

While the character has been portrayed by many talented actors over the decades, it is now clear that the interpretation of the character byHeath Ledger is the funniest one.


Who kills Joker in the comics?

Nightwing admitted that he was happy to kill the clown. Bruce admitted that the one he thought was the best of the Bat- Family was the one Batman should have been. It was still a blow for him to do that.

Does Batman know Joker is his brother?

According toPhillips, he didn’t pull directly from the comic canon. No iteration of Batman has shown that Bruce is related to his archenemy. He’s an only child, that’s what he is.

What is Joker’s true goal?

The villain in Batman’s story believes that he has not killed the character because he makes him better. Batman comic book writer Peter Tomasi stated that the main goal of the villain was to make Batman the best that he can be.

Is the Joker’s name Jack or Arthur?

It’s not the first identity of the clown that’s been revealed. He’s also known as Jack Napier and Joe Kerr. While talking about the DC villain, the character had a small part in The Batman, which was directed by Robert Pattinson.

Why was the Joker’s face cut off?

There is an origin to this story. The Batman villain decided to have his face removed because he was so focused on destroying the Bat- Family. He did this to symbolize that even without his mask, he was still the same person as Batman and Bat- Girls.

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What is Joker’s disability?

Arthur’s psychopathology is unclear, preventing the diagnosis of psychotic disorder or schizophrenia, and the combination of symptoms suggests a complex mix of features.

What Joker calls Harley Quinn?

From the beginning of their DC evolution, Harls was given a nickname that is one of the most popular. Harley Girl, Doll Face, Pooh, Darlin’ and more are some of the endearing terms he has used to refer to her.

WHO warned Heath Ledger about Joker?

Jack Nicholson said that he “warned” the other actor,Heath Ledger. The photographer told the Oscar winner about the death of the actor while he was at the restaurant. Jack said, “That’s awful,” but refused to elaborate.

Is Arthur Fleck in the comics?

There are still new angles on characters we know inside and out, even though Fleck doesn’t appear in the comic books.


What were Heath Ledger’s last words?

When drugs are mixed together, they can be fatal. He told his sister on the phone that he was fine.

Does Joker knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman?

Batman’s secret, as well as Ra’s al Ghul and his daughter Taila, are known by Deathstroke, Bane, and the other Batman villains.

Did the Joker know Bruce Wayne was Batman?

He’s the only main villain in the Dark Knight trilogy who didn’t know that Batman was Bruce Wayne, and he doesn’t care who The Batman is.

When did Joker find out who Batman is?

At the end of Batman # 85, by James Tynion IV and Guillem March, Superman confessed to the world that he was Clark Kent in order to reveal his true identity. The villain knows that Bruce is Batman, but has a plan for him.

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Is Joker canonically Batman’s brother?

If there is a sequel to the movie, Batman and the Joker could be explored more. The Batman and the Joker are not brothers in the DC Universe as a whole. The picture was taken by Warner Bros.

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