Does Book Of Building Work On Town Hall?

It can be used on any building and any traps. It can’t be used to upgrade Hero or any other upgrade within the laboratory. It is up to you what you upgrade first defence or anything else.

Where should I use my book of building?

It hurts you more when it’s an upgrade. The clan castle is a possibility if you can. If you have more than one, use it on hound barracks.

Does Hammer of building works on Townhall?

The Hammer of Building is a tool that can be used to upgrade any building. It can be used on any building and any traps.

What should book of everything be used on?

There are a number of ways to use the Book of Everything in Town Hall 14, but I think the best option is to use it to improve Heroes. If you want to use the Book of Everything, you need to upgrade Pet House, Siege Machine, Barracks, Dark Barracks, or any troop that is important to you.

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Can the Book of Everything be used on Heroes?

If the player has an ongoing Hero upgrade and has both a Book of Everything and a Book of Heroes, they can only use the Book of Heroes to complete the upgrade, unless the player has no Book of Heroes.


What does a book of everything do in COC?

Any ongoing upgrade in either village can be completed instantly by the player with the help of the Book of Everything. It’s a combination of the other books that can be used for any upgrade. It is possible to sell it for 50 Gems.

Is spell Hammer worth it?

Hammers of fighting and spells save you both time and resources.

Can I use Hammer of building on Battle Machine?

The hammer cannot be used on troops. It can’t be used in the builder base because there aren’t any spells.

Does Book of fighting work on siege machines?

The Book of Fighting is a book that allows the player to instantly complete any troop upgrade within the laboratory. It can be applied to any troop, but not the Siege Machine.

Can you use book of books on champions?

The Book of Books can be used on magic items that are not themed around the champion. The Book of Books is the only magic item that can be used to add cards.

Can you use book of fighting on pets?

They can be upgraded using Book of Heroes or a Hammer of Heroes, just like your Heroes.

What is the use of book of Heroes in COC?

The player can instantly upgrade their Hero in either village with the help of the Book of Heroes. It can only be used on the four heroes.

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Can book of building be used on battle machine?

The Battle Machine can only be used with the Book of Building.

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Readers are urged to speak their truth and be heard in Everything Sad is Untrue, a true story.

What room should books go in?

According to the bagua map, the Wisdom area of your home is thought to be a good place to store books.

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